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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 365 - 365 Even Children Are Their CP Fans

365 Even Children Are Their CP Fans

Liu Yiming’s voice was gentle, making Shi Qian feel a trace of warmth. It gave her the feeling that a big brother cared about her.

“Thank you, Senior, but there’s really no need to trouble you. I can do it alone. Besides, I don’t need much.” Shi Qian still refused tactfully.


Liu Yiming was disappointed. He did not expect Shi Qian to be so distant from him when he wanted to take a step forward.

They found a random place to eat and went to the filming location.

In the distance, she saw a figure waiting for her outside the theater.

Wasn’t this the woman called Xiao Yan that Fu Sinian had brought over yesterday?

“Hello, Miss Shi.” Xiao Yan walked forward and greeted Shi Qian with a smile.

“Didn’t I say yesterday? I don’t need an assistant!” Shi Qian said helplessly.

“Miss Shi, you probably forgot to tell President Fu about this last night. I didn’t receive any news of the contract being terminated today, so I can only come to work on time,” Xiao Yan replied with a smile.

When Liu Yiming heard Xiao Yan’s words, he couldn’t help but wonder if Shi Qian was still with Fu Sinian last night.

“I… I forgot to tell him. I must remember today,” Shi Qian said, and hurried into the theater.

As soon as Shi Qian sat down, Xiao Yan walked to her side. “Miss Shi, why don’t I help you with your makeup? It shouldn’t be easy for you to do your own eyeliner.”

That got to the point.

Shi Qian was indeed quite handicapped. Yesterday, when Xiao Yan helped her touch up her makeup, she saved all the bad parts of her makeup.

“Then thank you.”

“Miss Shi, you’re welcome. This is my job.”

With that, Xiao Yan began to do Shi Qian’s makeup.

Shi Qian sat quietly and she easily completed the most difficult step. She quietly sized up Xiao Yan. Her intuition told her that Xiao Yan did not look like an assistant.

Xiao Yan was definitely a strong woman.

On the other side, Liu Yiming was still preparing to adjust the equipment.

Yesterday, they were waiting for Shi Qian. Today, Shi Qian was waiting for them.

“Sister Qian Qian!” A crisp child’s voice sounded. Yangyang, the young actress who had filmed yesterday, ran towards her.

“Yangyang, you’re early today too!” Shi Qian took his hand and pulled a stool for him to sit down.

Yang Yang took out a postcard of a shadow play. “Sister Shi Qian, can you give me an autograph?”

“Why do you want my autograph? I’m not a big star.” Shi Qian rubbed Yangyang’s head.

“You will be in the future! I’d better ask for an autograph early. It’ll be difficult to see you again.”

“I have to sign one for you just because of that.”

As soon as Shi Qian finished speaking, Xiao Yan handed her the autograph pen.

“Thank you.” Shi Qian thanked her dryly. She really felt that Xiao Yan was exaggerating things.

“Sister Shi Qian, sign this spot.” Yang Yang even specified a spot for Shi Qian.

“Okay.” Shi Qian signed her name at the spot.

“Can you put your thumbprint here and press it with your thumb?”

“Why do you need a fingerprint?”

“I’m afraid people will say the signature is fake in the future.”

Shi Qian laughed at him. She took out a lipstick, applied it to her thumb, and thumb printed it.

“Thank you, Sister Shi Qian.” Yang Yang ran away happily with the postcard.

Next, he was waiting for President Fu to come!