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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 362 - 362 Senior's Domineering Protection

362 Senior’s Domineering Protection

“Senior,” a bolder female classmate called out to Liu Yiming.

“What were you discussing just now?” Liu Yiming asked directly.


“We… We didn’t say anything. We were just chatting among classmates,” the girl replied.

“Will slandering others give you psychological satisfaction?” Liu Yiming asked again.

The girls turned pale.

The gazes around them were attracted.

The girls did not expect Liu Yiming to embarrass them in public.

In particular, the girl who had just replied admired Liu Yiming.

Shi Qian did not expect Liu Yiming to scold those girls for her in public. She quickly stood up and walked towards Liu Yiming.

“Senior, let’s continue eating.” She tugged at Liu Yiming’s sleeve.

Liu Yiming held Shi Qian’s hand and shouted at the girls, “Apologize!”

The girls’ faces stiffened, feeling even more embarrassed.

“Senior, what we were discussing just now has some facts. Don’t be deceived by Shi Qian’s appearance,” the girl retorted.

“That’s right. How could Shi Qian know someone with Fu Sinian’s status and come into contact with someone with such an identity? Perhaps she’s still working in an improper profession somewhere.”

“What did you just say? Say it again!” Liu Yiming asked the girl angrily.

The girls had never seen Liu Yiming so angry. They were too frightened to speak.

One of them tugged at the girl standing at the front. “Zhao Qian, let’s go.”

The girl called Zhao Qian had always admired Liu Yiming. When she found out that Liu Yiming and Shi Qian were close, she badmouthed Shi Qian a lot.

Seeing Liu Yiming so protective of her, her heart was filled with jealousy.

She shook off the hand that was holding her and took a step toward Liu Yiming.

“Senior, do you really not care about your reputation? There have been a lot of rumors about you and Shi Qian recently.”

“What rumors do I have with Senior?” Shi Qian asked immediately.

Recently, her reputation had been bad. She did not want to implicate Liu Yiming because of her.

“Shi Qian, you know very well what you want from Senior. What tricks did you use to participate in the filming of Senior’s documentary?” Zhao Qian questioned aggressively.

Shi Qian was about to speak when Liu Yiming blocked her.

“I took the initiative to look for Shi Qian to film a documentary, and Shi Qian only agreed to film it at my request,” Liu Yiming clarified in a low voice.

“Senior, are you bewitched by Shi Qian? You boys can’t understand her schemes at all,” Zhao Qian said to Liu Yiming anxiously.

“I admire Shi Qian. I invited her to film purely out of my need. Even if I’m obsessed with Shi Qian, that’s between Shi Qian and me. What does it have to do with you?”

Was Liu Yiming admitting that he was obsessed with Shi Qian?

“Senior, do you really like Shi Qian?”

“Why can’t I like Shi Qian?” Liu Yiming asked in a low voice.

Shi Qian winced and looked up at Liu Yiming.

After Liu Yiming finished speaking, not only did Zhao Qian look heartbroken, but many girls who had a crush on Liu Yiming also couldn’t accept it.

Liu Yiming pulled Shi Qian out.

The dining hall was silent.

Many people had yet to recover from their shock.

“Does he really like Shi Qian?” Zhao Qian muttered.

“Zhao Qian, to think you’re so infatuated. You’ve been in university for three years and had a crush on Liu Yiming for three years, right?” A voice suddenly sounded.