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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 361 - 361 After the Divorce, Her Wings Had Hardened

361 After the Divorce, Her Wings Had Hardened

“Moreover, he was scolded for being a b*tch! Fu Sinian was actually scolded for being a b*tch. I’m really curious. What did he do to deserve that title?”

“If you still want to practice swordsmanship with Young Master Fu, you can satisfy your curiosity to your heart’s content,” Bai Jianshen reminded him.


Rong Qi’s face stiffened.

Forget it. Curiosity could kill a cat, but it could also kill a person.

Fu Sinian waited impatiently. Rong Qi had yet to give him an answer. He regretted asking Rong Qi.

Suddenly, his phone rang again.

[Young Master Fu, do you usually like to drink tea? Especially Biluochun.]

Rong Qi was mysterious. Fu Sinian logged out of WeChat and searched online.

He had just typed: You don’t live in West Lake either. A complete sentence automatically popped up below.

You don’t live in West Lake either? How were you raised to be such a b*tch?

Fu Sinian clicked on the following content, and the web page popped up.

After reading it, he understood what the sentence meant.

So she was scolding him!

He got up slowly and headed for the guest room where Shi Qian slept. He pushed the door, but it wouldn’t open.

She actually locked it from the inside.

After the divorce, Shi Qian seemed to have become a different person. Previously, she was like a docile kitten, but now, she had become a ferocious little tiger!

How dare she threaten him. At least three years and less than ten years…

Fu Sinian turned back to his room, took out his phone, and turned on the video he had taken in the car. He had only watched it once when he threw the phone aside.

Tonight, he had to take a hot shower before he could sleep.

… .

The next morning, Shi Qian woke up before the alarm went off.

After washing up, she opened the door and walked out.

The door to Fu Sinian’s room was still closed. It was early, so he probably wasn’t up yet.

She walked quietly to the door, opened it, and walked out.

Fu Sinian woke up when he heard movement outside. He opened the door and walked out, but he didn’t see Shi Qian.

He headed straight for Shi Qian’s room. It was also empty.

“Qian Qian?” Fu Sinian called. There was no response.

He immediately walked to the door and checked the surveillance cameras.

He saw Shi Qian quickly leave five minutes ago.

She actually ran away?

Without the constraints of marriage, she was like a bird flying out of a birdcage!

But could she really escape!

Fu Sinian turned and went back to wash up. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. There was still a bruise on his forehead.

Shi Qian, this heartless person, had knocked him into this state. After returning last night, she had ignored him!

She didn’t even say that she would warm him up and treat his wound a little so it wouldn’t be so obvious.

Today, he was going to the company with this injury.

… .

Shi Qian took a taxi to school. It was still early. She hadn’t had time to eat breakfast and headed straight for the dining hall.

After buying breakfast, she found an empty table and sat down.

She was looking down at her breakfast when a hand suddenly reached out to her and placed a bottle of milk.

Shi Qian looked up and saw Liu Yiming. She immediately greeted him. “Good morning, Senior.”

“You’re early today too?” Liu Yiming sat down. “I brought you some milk.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Shi Qian opened the milk and took a sip.

Liu Yiming was considered an influential figure in the Chinese Drama Academy. He was the target of many girls’ crushes, and people often confessed to him.

In four years of university, no one had moved him, and people had never seen him close to any girl.

Recently, people had often seen Liu Yiming and Shi Qian together.