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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 360 - 360 It Took A Lot of Strength to Kidnap His Wife Home

360 It Took A Lot of Strength to Kidnap His Wife Home

Shi Qian was really speechless.

The situation was the same as what her grandfather had done to her.


Fu Sinian must have done it on purpose, right?

She even said that she would pretend to be obedient. In her opinion, Fu Sinian was even better!

“Do you want to go for a check?” Shi Qiuran asked worriedly.

“No, she should be fine tomorrow. I’m just worried that if she suddenly faints at night, she won’t have anyone with her.”

Shi Qian immediately glared at Fu Sinian.

“Let Qian Qian take care of you,” Shi Qiuran said immediately.

“It’s not convenient for Qian Qian, is it?”

“What’s inconvenient about it? Besides, she was the one who hit someone like this. Shouldn’t she take care of you?” Shi Qiuran turned to look at Shi Qian. “Qian Qian, do you hear me? Stay with Sinian tonight.”

“Okay,” Shi Qian agreed readily.

Fu Sinian was surprised. Was she agreeing so readily?

“Young Master Fu, you don’t live in West Lake either?” Shi Qian suddenly asked.

Fu Sinian’s brows furrowed slightly. He didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, but he sensed that there must be something behind it.

After dinner, Shi Qian and Fu Sinian left the hospital.

She said nothing as they sat in the car.

“Why did you say that my house isn’t in West Lake during dinner?” Fu Sinian was still thinking about this.

Shi Qian smiled faintly and asked, “Didn’t Young Master Fu understand? You can only understand the meaning behind this sentence. It won’t be good if I explain it clearly.”

“Are you really willing to stay at my place?” Fu Sinian changed the topic.

“Anyway, the jail period is a minimum of three years and a maximum of ten years. It depends on Young Master Fu.”

Fu Sinian’s heart sank.

“It seems that I miscalculated by going through the divorce procedures with you.”

“Then it’s done.” Shi Qian was very confident.

“I don’t have a preference for coercion. I like to be in love with each other and we’re both willing.” Fu Sinian leaned back in his chair and suddenly said casually, “Qian Qian, I’m asking you for this, not sex.”

Shi Qian’s heart trembled.

Fu Sinian had also said before that he liked her…

Fu Sinian suddenly turned and met Shi Qian’s eyes.

“Qian Qian, when you see a brave lion, you will never be moved by the docility of a sheep.”

“What if I’m a sheep too?” Shi Qian asked.

“You’re not,” Fu Sinian said firmly.

Shi Qian’s heart skipped another beat. She turned to look out the window.

After a while, her voice came slowly. “Even if I’m not a sheep, I’m not a lion.”

When she returned to Fu Sinian’s house, Shi Qian stayed in the guest room.

Fu Sinian didn’t disturb her.

It had taken everything he had to coax her back. He had achieved his goal by having her by his side.

Fu Sinian couldn’t sleep and thought about what Shi Qian had said about West Lake.

He thought for a moment, opened Rong Qi’s WeChat, and sent a message.

[You don’t live in West Lake either. What does that mean?]

Rong Qi replied instantly: [Young Master Fu, is that you? Did your account get hacked?]

[It’s me.] Fu Sinian replied and typed another line. [What did that sentence mean?]

Rong Qi: [Where did you hear this? Or did someone tell you?]

Fu Sinian: [What does who said have to do with where I heard it?]

Rong Qi: [Of course it does.]

After replying to the message, Rong Qi couldn’t help but smile. How could he miss such gossip?

Fu Sinian: [Shi Qian said so.]

“Pfft, hahahaha!” Rong Qi looked at this message and couldn’t help but burst into happy laughter.

“It’s indeed Qian Qian! Fu Sinian actually got scolded!”