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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 359 - 359 Big Boss Fu's Tea

359 Big Boss Fu’s Tea

Shi Qian pressed against his ear. Fu Sinian suddenly reached out and wrapped his arm around her slender waist, letting her come closer.

Shi Qian did not struggle. She leaned into his ear and said slowly, “Young Master Fu, no matter who it is, it will be three to ten years of jail for anyone who goes against a woman’s wishes.”


Fu Sinian laughed angrily at that.

The little girl was commendably brave. She actually dared to threaten him.

At this moment, Shi Qiuran opened the door. When she saw this scene, a smile flashed in her eyes.

She didn’t know what they were talking about, but their positions were suggestive.

Sinian hugged Qian Qian’s waist and she leaned into Sinian’s ear. She wondered what she was whispering to Sinian!

“Sinian and Qian Qian, you’re here. Come in quickly.”

When Shi Qian heard her mother’s voice, she immediately grabbed Fu Sinian’s arm and tried to push him away.

Fu Sinian hugged her tighter and turned to Shi Qiuran. “Mom.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Why hadn’t he changed his form of address?

“That’s my mother!”

“Didn’t you continue to call the old master Grandpa?”

“How can that be the same?” Shi Qian retorted.

“How is it different!” Shi Qiuran continued. “I like to hear Sinian call me Mom, not you. Why do you care?”

Shi Qian choked.

“Sinian, come in quickly.” Shi Qiuran waved.

Fu Sinian wrapped his arm around Shi Qian’s waist and almost lifted her off her feet. He walked towards the ward. To Shi Qian’s surprise, her mother acted as if she hadn’t seen it and was smiling widely. What was going on?!

When Fu Sinian called, Shi Qiuran was completely unprepared. The dishes on the table were all sent by the restaurant.

“Come, Sinian, come and sit.”

“Mom, your wound isn’t completely healed yet. Sit down.” Shi Qian broke free from Fu Sinian’s hands and walked towards her mother, helping her sit on the sofa.

“Mom’s wound is almost healed. Now she has to get out of bed and walk more so she can recover faster and be discharged early.”

As Shi Qiuran spoke, she gave Fu Sinian a set of cutlery. “Sinian, chopsticks. You said you like Mom’s dishes the most. When Mom gets discharged from the hospital, I’ll often make them for you.”

“Okay,” Fu Sinian agreed softly.

“Mom, you still need someone to take care of you. Cooking is so tiring. You can’t do it,” Shi Qian said.

“How tiring can cooking be? I’m just sick, not crippled!”

Shi Qian realized that her mother was really rude to her now.

“Sinian, what’s wrong with your head? How did you get injured? It looks so serious!” Shi Qiuran realized the wound on Fu Sinian’s forehead and immediately stood up. She held Fu Sinian’s face with concern.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Fu Sinian said nothing and glanced at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian secretly gritted her teeth.

“It’s you?” Shi Qiuran turned to look at Shi Qian. “Qian Qian, did you hit him?”

“No!” Shi Qian retorted immediately.

“Mom, Qian Qian didn’t hit me. I knocked into something,” Fu Sinian clarified.

“Did you do it?” Shi Qiuran questioned Shi Qian again.

“Mom, Qian Qian didn’t mean to.”

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian and shook her head speechlessly.

Why was Fu Sinian spinning a story!

“Sinian, are you feeling unwell? Why did you hit yourself like this!” Shi Qiuran thought to herself. How much were they messing around?

“Qian Qian, look at how you knocked Sinian!” Shi Qiuran scolded Shi Qian again.

“It’s okay, Mom. It’s not very painful. I’m just a little dizzy,” Fu Sinian said again.