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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 354 - 354 Another Side to Big Boss Fu

354 Another Side to Big Boss Fu

When Su Ruoqing heard that Fu Sinian was looking for Shi Qian, she slammed the coffee cup in her hand on the table.

The cup shattered and coffee spilled across the table.


She thought that after Fu Sinian and Shi Qian registered their divorce certificate, there would be no entanglement!

Unexpectedly, Fu Sinian approached her again!

What magic did Shi Qian have to attract Fu Sinian so much that he started to become helpless!

Fu Sinian asked her for advice less and less. If this continued, he definitely wouldn’t need her anymore!

Su Ruoqing panicked. She could not let such a thing happen!

… .

Shi Qian was filming the last scene. They had to wait for a ray of time to shine through the window and keep adjusting the position of the camera.

The two actors performing shadow scenes were father and son. The child was ten years old and lively and cute. His name was Yangyang.

“Sister Shi Qian is so beautiful! She’s even more beautiful than the celebrities I’ve seen.”

Chen Song stroked Yangyang’s head. “Little guy, how many big stars have you seen?”

“I’ve seen a lot on television.”

“If it’s what you said, I know all the celebrities!”

“You’re so good at bragging too! My father even said that you’re President Fu’s assistant! I don’t think you look like one.”

“How am I not?” Chen Song asked.

“President Fu is so impressive! Why does his assistant look so unreliable?”

Everyone around them could hear their conversation.

Chen Song had been worried that he would not be able to find an opportunity. It was rare for this child to admire President Fu so much. Now, the opportunity had come!

“From what you’re saying, do you admire President Fu a lot?”

“That’s right! President Fu is my idol. My father said that if President Fu hadn’t invested in this commercial street, he might have been forced to change careers and never be able to perform shadow plays again. Many of us here are in the same situation as my father!”

“My father also said that if not for President Fu, he would never have earned so much money because of the shadow film and even bought a new house for Mom and me!” Yang Yang said proudly.

“When President Fu invested in this commercial street, I wasn’t President Fu’s assistant yet. I heard that President Fu only has property rights in this commercial street. President Fu didn’t get a single cent from the profits?” Chen Song looked at Yang Yang’s father.

“Yes, President Fu really didn’t ask for a profit from the commercial street,” Father Yang said affirmatively.

Liu Yiming looked embarrassed after hearing these words.

Just now, he had implied that Fu Sinian was a capitalist. On the surface, he was promoting his legacy, but in fact, he was using it to earn money.

In the end, Fu Sinian didn’t make a profit.

He glanced at Shi Qian awkwardly.

Shi Qian was surprised to hear this conversation.

She seemed to have read a report that Fu Sinian never did charity. Although that report didn’t dare to write anything overboard, saying that Fu Sinian never did charity was actually putting a label on him.

Wasn’t Fu Sinian’s actions equivalent to a disguised charity?

She didn’t expect him to have such a side.

“The sun is about to shine through the window!” Chen Chen shouted.

The production team immediately got busy.

Liu Yiming walked over to communicate with Shi Qian about the positioning later. Everyone got busy.

Chen Song also retreated.

After filming, Shi Qian changed and walked out.

The crew was also packed and ready to call it a day.

“Junior Shi Qian, wait for us. After we’re done packing, let’s go eat together. The place has been booked,” Chen Chen shouted at Shi Qian.

“There’s no need,” a voice suddenly said.