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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 352 - 352 Not Fighting Means Good Manners

352 Not Fighting Means Good Manners

“Miss Shi, didn’t President Fu tell you that this cultural business street is an asset under his name?” Chen Song asked Shi Qian.

Shi Qian froze for a moment.


Liu Yiming looked shocked.

This cultural business street was actually Fu Sinian’s?!

Chen Song continued, “Miss Shi, although this place belongs to President Fu, I believe that if Miss Shi likes it, President Fu can also make this place yours. Isn’t it up to President Fu to decide when and how long you want to film here?”

“Chen Song, don’t spout nonsense. Young Master Fu’s assets belong to him. How can they become mine!” Shi Qian quickly retorted.

Chen Song just smiled and said nothing.

There was silence. Everyone looked at Shi Qian.

They had read the gossip online a few days ago, but now they were lucky enough to watch the drama live.

Shi Qian and Fu Sinian’s relationship was not as simple as Fu Sinian clarified online, right?

It felt like their relationship was ambiguous.

Only Chen Chen did not gossip. Instead, he looked at his good friend.

Yiming was still planning his confession. He wondered how this relationship would end.

“Everyone, come for afternoon tea. We don’t have to worry about the filming venue and time at all.” Chen Song took the initiative to take a cup of milk tea and cake and walked towards Liu Yiming.

“You must be this director. Please take good care of our Miss Shi.”

Liu Yiming’s expression was a little tense. Shi Qian walked forward and took the things from Chen Song.

She also realized that Liu Yiming didn’t look too good. She guessed that his emotions might have been affected by the interruption of his work.

“Senior, we don’t have to be in a hurry anymore. Everyone doesn’t have to be so tense,” Shi Qian said slowly.

“Let’s stick to the original plan. If we delay, it will affect the performances at the Shadow Theatre,” Liu Yiming replied.

“Don’t worry, Director. It’s fine to delay a few performances.” Chen Song’s voice sounded again.

Liu Yiming looked at Chen Song with a serious expression. “You don’t think it’s a big deal to delay the performance because you’re weighing this matter with benefits. Have you ever thought about how many people arrange their schedules in advance because they like shadow drama and even come from afar? In the end, when they come here, they won’t be able to see the shadow drama performance because of our filming. How disappointed will those people be?”

Chen Song did not answer.

At this moment, there was no need to argue with someone who was holding back his anger.

He understood why Liu Yiming was like this.

It was normal for the atmosphere to be tense.

With President Fu’s lipstick, Liu Yiming was extremely well mannered not to fight President Fu on the spot!

Shi Qian felt that Liu Yiming was holding back a lot of anger, but she felt that it was not worth it for Liu Yiming to be angry over affecting others’ viewing of shadow play.

During the filming process, there were many elements that could go wrong. How could the time be fixed so firmly?

If they were really delayed, it would actually be more convenient to coordinate with Fu Sinian directly.

She believed that Fu Sinian could still help her with this small favor.

“Miss Shi, look at these things. We’ve already bought them. It’ll be a waste if you don’t eat them. How about everyone rest for ten minutes and eat something? It won’t take long.” Chen Song walked to Shi Qian and advised her softly.

Shi Qian looked at these things and really felt that it would be a waste not to eat them.

She walked towards Liu Yiming and negotiated gently. “Senior, let everyone delay for another ten minutes, okay? It’s a pity to waste these things.”

Although Liu Yiming was holding back his anger, he nodded when he heard Shi Qian’s soft voice.