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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 351 - 351 Big Boss Fu's Swift Attack

351 Big Boss Fu’s Swift Attack

“I don’t need an assistant for a while, thank you.” Shi Qian still refused.

“If Miss Shi really doesn’t need me, please tell President Fu directly because I signed a five-year labor contract with him.”


“I’m not free now, but I’ll definitely tell him. Go back first.”

“Before President Fu cancels his labor contract with me, I have to serve you.”

Shi Qian took a deep breath. She really had nothing to say.

She still had filming to do. She couldn’t delay any longer because of this. She turned and walked towards the filming location.

Xiao Yan followed.

Shi Qian picked up her bag and looked for a makeup mirror and lipstick.

Liu Yiming suddenly stopped Xiao Yan, who was walking towards Shi Qian.

“Miss, please wait.”

Xiao Yan stopped and turned to look at Liu Yiming.

“I’m the director of this production team. I’m sorry, but anyone who’s not our staff is not allowed to enter our filming venue,” Liu Yiming said calmly.

Shi Qian looked up immediately at the voice.

She knew that Liu Yiming was trying to help her out. She was really not used to a stranger following her.

Xiao Yan was about to speak when Chen Song walked in with a few people.

Shi Qian looked surprised to see Chen Song.

Chen Song instructed the people behind him to put down a few thermos boxes.

“Miss Shi, President Fu said that the weather is too hot and you’ve worked hard at filming. These are some snacks and drinks for you and the production team that he prepared during his visit.”


When Shi Qian heard this word, she was really embarrassed.

Did Fu Sinian really think she was some big star? He even visited her at work!

Hadn’t he left yet?

Curious, the crew looked into the incubator and immediately saw the logos on the cakes and drinks packages.

This was the logo of a five-star hotel. The afternoon tea in this hotel usually costs 598 yuan per person.

Liu Yiming said nothing. The production team did not move.

However, to be able to eat cake and drink coffee in the afternoon when the team was most sleepy and least efficient could wake them up and increase their work efficiency. The key was trying what this 598 yuan afternoon tea tasted like!

“We’re on a tight schedule and don’t have time to eat. Thank you for your kindness,” Liu Yiming refused directly.

Shi Qian did not want to accept it either. Although they were a production team, they were all classmates. On the first day of filming, she had someone visiting and giving them food, making her look like she was putting on airs.

She did not expect Liu Yiming to refuse before she could speak.

“That’s right. Chen Song, we only have six hours to film. Time is tight and we can’t waste it. Take these away.” She made it clear.

“Why can you only film for six hours a day?” Chen Song pretended to be surprised and asked.

“Shadow plays are performed all day. In order to make time for us to film, they specially canceled a performance in the afternoon. That’s why we have six hours,” Liu Yiming explained patiently. In other words, he was telling Chen Song not to waste their time.

Chen Song looked at Shi Qian in confusion. “Miss Shi, six hours is too little. Why didn’t you tell President Fu? You can film as long as you want.”

Shi Qian suddenly remembered that the last time Fu Sinian had been here, Chen Song had said that he was here for an inspection.

Could it be that Fu Sinian also had shares in this commercial street?

“There’s no need to trouble Mr. Fu to negotiate such a small matter,” Liu Yiming said for Shi Qian.

“Negotiate?” Chen Song smiled.