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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 350 - 350 Cutting Contact After the Divorce

350 Cutting Contact After the Divorce

The first thing she saw was the lipstick Fu Sinian had kissed.

The second thing she saw was the wrongly buttoned collar button!


Fu Sinian clearly looked at the buttons. How could it be wrong?

He did it on purpose, didn’t he?

Shi Qian quickly unbuttoned and buttoned it again. She looked up at herself in the mirror and slapped her forehead hard.

“Shi Qian, why are you so stupid! You followed Fu Sinian when he asked you to touch up your makeup. Not only did he take advantage of you, but you might as well not touch up your makeup!”

Shi Qian was so angry that she put her hands on her hips and wished she could slap herself twice.

… .

Fu Sinian sat in the car and pulled out a tissue to wipe the lipstick from his lips.

Chen Song stood outside the car and waited eagerly. In the past two days, through his tireless efforts, he had finally figured out what was going on between President Fu and Madam!

“President Fu, there’s still a little at the corner of your mouth. Yes, it’s there,” Chen Song reminded him softly.

Fu Sinian gripped the tissue as a thought flashed through his mind.

Shi Qian agreed that night and even kissed him. Today, she did not refuse strongly.

Actually, she wasn’t indifferent to him.

Even if he only had a 1% chance of winning this battle with Liu Yiming, he believed that he could turn the situation around!

This 1% suddenly made Fu Sinian’s mood brighten.

His lips curved involuntarily.

Chen Song thought to himself that President Fu’s mood was indeed different after tasting some benefits.

“President Fu, as far as I know, they didn’t come to visit empty-handed. Why don’t we prepare something too?” Chen Song suggested.

“Go get ready.” Fu Sinian waved his hand.

“Yes.” Chen Song immediately jogged to make arrangements.

… .

Shi Qian composed herself in the bathroom for a while.

After thinking for a while, she figured it out. She knew why Fu Sinian had appeared in front of her again after settling the divorce procedures!

He just wanted to sleep with her until he was satisfied!

He looked at her like a hungry wolf staring at meat!

There was nothing else!

She had agreed to Fu Sinian’s request because she wanted him to settle the divorce procedures with her after he was satisfied. Now that she had the divorce certificate, what was there to be afraid of?

She would never let Fu Sinian succeed!

She turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Outside, other than Liu Yiming waiting for her, there was another figure.

“Miss Shi, President Fu said that he kissed off your lipstick and asked me to come over and touch up your makeup,” Xiao Yan said to Shi Qian with a proper smile.

Shi Qian gritted her teeth secretly.

Was Fu Sinian done?!

She studied Xiao Yan again.

Xiao Yan was wearing black suit pants and a sapphire blue satin tank top with a short-sleeved white suit jacket. The suit was double-breasted and she looked young and fashionable.

Her short, neat hair made her small face look even more exquisite. She looked like the kind of strong woman who could take charge. She didn’t look much like an assistant.

Although Shi Qian had not officially entered society and had no chance to interact in the workplace, she could see this clearly.

“I’ll touch up my make up myself. There’s no need to trouble you.” Shi Qianwan refused.

She didn’t want to be involved with Fu Sinian or anyone related to him.

“President Fu has instructed me to follow Miss Shi from now on. I have five years of experience as a celebrity assistant and can take good care of Miss Shi’s daily life and work arrangements.” Xiao Yan’s attitude was very friendly.

As the saying went, one wouldn’t slap a smiling person. It was really difficult to reject Xiao Yan.