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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 349 - 349 Big Boss Fu Is Scheming

349 Big Boss Fu Is Scheming

Fu Sinian also noticed Liu Yiming.

He slowly retracted his leg.


Shi Qian immediately got out of the car. As soon as she got up, Fu Sinian suddenly grabbed her arm and her body fell into his arms uncontrollably.

Fu Sinian held her body so that she sat face-to-face in his lap.

The car door slowly closed.

From Liu Yiming’s angle, their posture was intimate and ambiguous. Moreover, there was a hint of flirting between a man and a woman.

For a moment, his body seemed to be frozen, unable to move.

In the car, Shi Qian’s breathing quickened as she glared at Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian placed his hand on her waist, preventing her from getting up.

“Qian Qian, if you move again, I can’t guarantee what will happen,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Shi Qian froze.

“Are you really going to get out of the car like this?” Fu Sinian’s gaze fell on her three unbuttoned buttons.

These three buttons were enough for him to get a glimpse of her chest

He had personally chosen what she was wearing underneath.

Shi Qian noticed his gaze and immediately reached for her chest, frantically trying to button her clothes.

This button was a Chinese button. It was very tightly. She couldn’t get it in after a few tries.

Fu Sinian pulled her hand away. “I’ll button it for you.”

“No, I’ll do it myself.”

“Your senior is still waiting outside. If we delay too much, he might misunderstand that we’re in the car…” Fu Sinian didn’t continue.

Shi Qian’s face burned.

Fu Sinian buttoned up and looked at the three buttons. A smile suddenly flashed in his eyes.

“It’s buttoned.”

Shi Qian was about to get up when his hand suddenly wrapped around her from behind!

Shi Qian couldn’t help but bump into him.

Her small face suddenly wrinkled.

He hurt her!

Even through the thick fabric, she could still feel the impact!

He did it on purpose!

“Qian Qian, there must have been some misunderstanding that night. I’m good at it.” He whispered each word into her ear.

Shi Qian pushed him away hard and fled from his arms.

The door opened again. Shi Qian immediately jumped out of the car and ran towards the theater without looking back!

Fu Sinian looked at Shi Qian’s back and his lips slowly curved.

As soon as Shi Qian ran in, she saw Liu Yiming.

“Senior,” she called, stopping.

Liu Yiming’s gaze fell on Shi Qian’s red lips.

The lipstick was gone. It had obviously been removed by a kiss.

Moreover, she had buttoned her collar wrongly. From the scene just now, it was obvious what Fu Sinian had done to Shi Qian in the car!

Was Shi Qian forced by Fu Sinian?

A trace of anger rose in him, but there was nowhere to vent it.

Now, he wasn’t even sure if Shi Qianxi liked him. Could he be her boyfriend?

“Senior, I’m sorry. Did I delay the filming?” Shi Qian realized that Liu Yiming’s expression was not good and apologized softly.

“There was no delay. You’re about to be filmed. I went to the guest room to look for you but I didn’t see you.”

Shi Qian was a little embarrassed. Liu Yiming had seen her and Fu Sinian in the car just now.

“Senior, let’s go over quickly.”

“Wait, go to the bathroom first.” Liu Yiming called out to Shi Qian and pointed to the bathroom.

Shi Qian felt awkward again. She didn’t even have time to look in the mirror before she got out of the car.

Fu Sinian kissed and nibbled her after she touched up her makeup. She wondered what her makeup had become again.

She immediately headed for the bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, Shi Qian was petrified!