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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 347 - 347 Big Boss Fu's Gift

347 Big Boss Fu’s Gift

Shi Qian panicked and took a step back. She bumped into a chair and fell back.

Fu Sinian held the arm of his chair and slowly leaned toward Shi Qian.


Shi Qian’s breathing stopped. Trapped in a circle, she felt oppressed.

Fu Sinian picked up his teacup and brought it to Shi Qian’s mouth.

“Shi Qian, finish this pot of tea. My job is done.”

Shi Qian quickly took the teacup and gulped it down.

“Young Master Fu, I’m done drinking.”

Fu Sinian looked at the empty teacup and his lips curved slightly.

“Shi Qian, I came all the way here to bring you tea. Are you going to thank me?”

Shi Qian immediately sensed danger.

“What do you want me to do, Young Master Fu?”

“You have to say thank you, right?”

“Just a thank you?”

Fu Sinian smiled. It was as warm as a spring breeze.

“If you want to make a practical gesture, I won’t refuse.”

“Thank you,” Shi Qian said immediately.

“You’re welcome,” Fu Sinian replied in a low voice.

The words were like a basso. Shi Qian’s heart trembled uncontrollably.

Fu Sinian slowly straightened and turned back to his original seat. He picked up his teacup and took a sip.

Shi Qian breathed a silent sigh of relief.

Fu Sinian didn’t do anything overboard to her. It was so awkward for her to think that just now.

“Young Master Fu, I’m about to film. I’ll go down and prepare first.” Shi Qian stood up and prepared to leave.

“You’re sweating so much that your makeup is ruined,” Fu Sinian reminded her.

Shi Qian immediately took out the makeup mirror she had brought with her and looked at it. Her makeup was indeed ruined.

Fu Sinian got up again, shook Shi Qian’s wrist, and pulled her in the direction of the elevator.

Shi Qian struggled for a moment and failed to break free from Fu Sinian’s grip.

“Young Master Fu, where are you taking me?”

“I’m going to touch up your makeup,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

“Fix my makeup?” Shi Qian looked shocked. “My makeup is at the filming location. I can go down and fix it myself.”

She realized that Fu Sinian was taking her somewhere not in the direction of the shoot.

The elevator door opened. Fu Sinian pulled Shi Qian in.

Shi Qian was brought out of the film theater by Fu Sinian in a daze and into the courtyard behind the theater.

This courtyard was the staff’s carpark. Shi Qian immediately saw Fu Sinian’s car.

Beside Fu Sinian’s car was a nanny van with a three-pronged star.

Fu Sinian led Shi Qian straight to the nanny van.

Two figures hurried out of the distant lounge. A man and a woman.

The two of them came to Fu Sinian and Shi Qian’s side and greeted them in unison. “President Fu, Miss Shi.”

“In the future, these two will be your driver and assistant.” Fu Sinian looked at the two of them and they immediately took the initiative to introduce themselves to Shi Qian.

“Miss Shi, my name is Wang Dong. You can call me Chauffeur Dong. I’m your driver.”

“Miss Shi, my name is Xiao Yan. I’m your assistant.”

Shi Qian looked up at Fu Sinian and refused softly. “Young Master Fu, I can’t accept your arrangement.”

“This isn’t my arrangement. This is Grandpa’s. If you want to refuse, talk to Grandpa yourself.”

Shi Qian was speechless. She could not argue with her grandfather.

Fu Sinian pressed the key and the door opened automatically.

“Miss Shi’s makeup is smudged. Help her touch up,” he said to Xiao Yan.

“Yes,” Xiao Yan replied. “Miss Shi, go to the car and sit down. I’ll touch up your makeup.”

Shi Qian got into the car. The luxury of the car stunned her.