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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 345 - 345 Preparing to Confess

345 Preparing to Confess

Not only was Shi Qian lacking in fatherly love, but she was also facing betrayal and a miserable and helpless life.

Fu Sinian’s heart ached.


He still couldn’t let go of Shi Qian.

Why couldn’t he let it go?

… .

Liu Yiming’s documentary was set for filming.

It was divided into five stories. The first was shadow play, the second was embroidery, the third was engraving, the fourth was sugar-blowing, and the fifth was paper cutting.

Shi Qian was a main character who lived through five stories. She played an AI virtual character that belonged to the future world.

She obtained an ancient document with a huge amount of data.

After opening the document, she crossed into that world. Every non-relic project had a separate story. Shi Qian had to act out the story herself.

Liu Yiming’s filming method was different from traditional documentaries. He added some popular elements from short videos.

For example, when Shi Qian transmigrated from an AI, she would have a very stunning change of clothes.

Shi Qian was stunned when she saw the full set of costumes.

She hadn’t expected a documentary to require so many clothes.

After trying every set and taking a set of photos, it was amazing enough.

Chen Chen looked at the photos and then at Liu Yiming, who was working with his head lowered. “I’ve finished trying on the clothes. Every set is blinding me! Yiming, when are you going to announce your relationship with Shi Qian? I’m waiting to eat wedding candy!”

“What have I got to do with Shi Qian?” Liu Yiming asked without looking up.

“How is it not related? Yiming, stop pretending! I really didn’t see it before, but the last time you looked for the video of the dining hall, you were so anxious. I was sure that your heart must have been moved!”

“Also, isn’t the original filming plan for this documentary a virtual AI character? Why did you suddenly find Shi Qian to film it? Look at the cost. It’s more than three times! Those who don’t know might think you’re filming a blockbuster for Shi Qian!”

“Shi Qian’s looks are more vivid than AI. I’m also doing it for the effect.”

“Tsk! Go to hell!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, especially in front of Shi Qian.” Liu Yiming’s tone was warning.

“If I had a girlfriend like Shi Qian, I wouldn’t wait to announce it to the world!”

“I haven’t confessed.”

Chen Chen looked surprised. “You haven’t confessed? Yiming, let me tell you, we’re about to graduate. If you still hold back and don’t make a sound, you’ll miss out!”

“When the documentary is done, help me plan it.”

“You want to confess?” Chen Chen asked despite knowing the answer.

“Yes,” Liu Yiming agreed without evasion.

“Okay, leave it to me!”

… .

Shi Qian was filming her first story, a shadow play.

Liu Yiming had communicated with the scenic area before, but the authority was unwilling to clear the area for him. He only agreed that after eleven-thirty at night, the people would be evacuated and the venue would be left for filming.

However, as soon as the camera turned on, the staff of the scenic area took the initiative to contact Liu Yiming.

They could temporarily cancel an afternoon performance for them to film.

That way, with the noon time, they could film for six hours in a row. If everything went smoothly, they could finish the story in two days.

Shi Qian was wearing a costume. Even with the air conditioner on, she felt hot and sweaty.

“Director, how was my performance just now?” she asked softly as she approached Liu Yiming.

“If you pass all of them, it means that you acted very well. Moreover, this is the first time you’ve faced a screen. You acted very naturally.” Liu Yiming was not stingy with his praise.

Suddenly, the fan blew in this direction. Shi Qian immediately looked down, as if something foreign had been blown into her eyes.