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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 344 - 344 Why Was She Triggered?

344 Why Was She Triggered?

“Why would Qian Qian be so triggered?”

Shi Qiuran suddenly fell silent. After a while, he heard her voice.


“Qian Qian was still young when Lin Shiming and I divorced. I left with nothing and had nowhere to go. I had to go back to my old home. It was the countryside and conditions were bad. I had to go out to work. I was often gone late at night. Qian Qian was alone.”

“I don’t know. She’s afraid of the dark. She always sleeps with the lights on secretly, but I’m worried that sleeping with the lights on will affect her development. Every time I need to work the night shift, I turn off the electric switch at home and turn off the lights for her.”

“Once, there was lightning and thunder at night. Qian Qian was woken up by the thunder. She was so afraid that she stepped on the bench to pull the electric switch. The electric switch at home was already a little old. She was weak, so sparks flew before she could push it up. The circuit at home caught fire. Fortunately, the neighbor discovered it in time and saved Qian Qian from the fire.”

“When I got back, Qian Qian kept having a high fever and twitching. After she recovered, she stopped talking and became a lot timid. The teacher even told me that she can’t concentrate when she’s in class, especially at night. Whenever there’s any movement, she’s so nervous that her hair stands on end. She grits her teeth tightly and can’t speak or even breathe on her own. Her entire body is stiff and she can’t move.”

“Later, a psychiatrist told me that if I wanted Qian Qian to get better, I had to change her environment and make her feel safe again. I scraped a little money and made a down payment in the city. I bought a second-hand house and moved to a new home. With the treatment, Qian Qian’s condition gradually improved.”

Shi Qiuran told him the cause and effect of Shi Qian’s intense stress reaction.

“Sinian, how did you know that Qian Qian had a stress reaction? Did she have a relapse?” Shi Qiuran asked with concern.

“Yes, so…” Fu Sinian hesitated.

Shi Qiuran immediately understood.

Could shallow stress reactions also affect intimacy between men and women? What should she do?

In that case, he had to try other methods.

“Sinian, don’t worry. Mom still has a way.”

“What way?”

“Qian Qian can’t hold her liquor very well. She shouldn’t be stressed when she’s drunk. Why don’t you try it?”

“Mom, it’s not just about pursuing her now. Qian Qian actually has someone she likes.”

“Qian Qian has someone she likes? A man?”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

“Her senior.”

“Impossible!” Shi Qiuran firmly rejected this matter.

“She told me that herself.”

“Sinian, Mom will only acknowledge you! Mom has to understand what’s going on first! Wait for Mom’s news.”

“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied softly.

“Alright, I won’t disturb you anymore. Talk to you again.” Shi Qiuran hung up.

She thought about it immediately and wanted to call Shi Qian to confirm things, but she held back.

She had already confirmed Sinian’s feelings for Qian Qian, so she was not worried.

She would find a suitable opportunity to talk to Qian Qian.

However, with her understanding of Qian Qian, it was impossible for her to like anyone!

After Fu Sinian heard Shi Qiuran’s reason, he was no longer in the mood to work.

His mind was filled with images of Shi Qian being locked at home and facing the darkness alone when she was young.

Her parents’ marriage had been a strong blow to her too.

It was just like when he understood that his father had long passed away.