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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 342 - 342 Mother-in-law Supports Big Boss Fu

342 Mother-in-law Supports Big Boss Fu

Shi Qian tidied up the rented house. It was spotless.

Sitting on the sofa and looking at the clean and tidy cabin, she felt peaceful. Her life seemed to have finally returned to normal.


She went to take a shower and change her clothes before going to the hospital to visit her mother.

Shi Qiuran could now get out of bed and move. The doctors said that her recovery after the surgery was especially good.

Now, the nurse who specialized in taking care of Shi Qiuran was arranged by Old Master Fu. Shi Qian prepared to visit the Fu family’s old residence after seeing her mother.

She had to give her grandfather an explanation for her divorce with Fu Sinian.

However, she had a problem at the moment.

It was about how to resolve the matter with her mother. She and Fu Sinian had already registered their divorce.

Shi Qian arrived at the ward. Shi Qiuran was walking around under the care of a nurse.

“Mom,” Shi Qian said.

Shi Qiuran immediately turned around.

“Mom, slow down!” Shi Qian quickly walked forward and helped Shi Qiuran.

Shi Qiuran’s gaze skipped over and she looked at the door. She didn’t see Fu Sinian.

“Sinian didn’t come with you today?”

Shi Qian sighed secretly. Why was her mother always thinking about Fu Sinian?

“Mom, go back to bed and lie down. I came today because I have something to tell you.”

Shi Qiuran realized that Shi Qian’s expression was very solemn. She moved to the bed step by step and lay down.

The nurse helped tidy up the blanket and said to Shi Qiuran and Shi Qian, “Then I’ll go out first.”

Shi Qian nodded politely at the nurse.

“Qian Qian, what do you want to tell me?” Shi Qiuran asked anxiously.

“I asked the doctor when I arrived, Mom. He said you’re recovering well. Let’s see if you can be discharged in another week.”

“Really?” Shi Qiuran was delighted. “It’ll definitely be fine in a week. I think I can be discharged now.”

“Definitely not now!” Shi Qian held her mother’s hand and said softly, “Mom…”

Shi Qiuran realized that Shi Qian wanted to say something but hesitated. Her brows tightened slightly. “Qian Qian, did you have a fight with Sinian?”

“Mom, Young Master Fu and I didn’t fall out. It’s just that we’ve already ended our marriage.”

“What?” Shi Qiuran was excited. Her face turned pale from the pain.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Shi Qian immediately stood up nervously and looked at her mother anxiously.

“Shall I call the doctor?”

As soon as she turned around, Shi Qiuran immediately held her wrist. “Mom is fine. There’s no need to call the doctor. What did you just say? You and Sinian are divorced?”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded.

Shi Qiuran slowly let go of Shi Qian’s hand. “You’re the one who insisted on a divorce, right?”

“Mom, my marriage to Fu Sinian was a business deal to begin with. Since he’s awake, we should return to our separate lives.”

“Return to your own lives?” Shi Qiuran was a little weak. She took two deep breaths to calm down before speaking again. “Qian Qian, don’t you know that Sinian likes you?”

“I know,” Shi Qian replied with a nod. “But how long can his liking last? When the novelty wears off one day, or when he doesn’t feel anything after being together for too long, then someone else will win his favor. What can I get except a failed marriage?”

Shi Qiuran felt bitter. She opened her mouth, but no retort came out.

Shi Qian held Shi Qiuran’s hand again. “Mom, I don’t need a marriage. I’ll stay with you and you’ll stay with me. Won’t us mother and daughter be happy together?”