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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 341 - 341 Being the Most Disgusting Demon and Being Hit The Hardest

341 Being the Most Disgusting Demon and Being Hit The Hardest

Fu Sinian glanced over coldly again.

Rong Qi shivered.


On a hot day, he was going to freeze to death from Fu Sinian’s gaze!

Something was wrong with Young Master Fu? He suddenly thought of the clarification video Fu Sinian had sent.

“Young Master Fu, did something happen between you and Qian Qian? You even posted a clarification video today. Did Qian Qian blame you for this? Did you two have a conflict?”

It was more than a conflict! Fu Sinian suddenly felt that Rong Qi had contributed to his divorce from Shi Qian!

Rong Qi shrank back.

For a moment, he had the illusion that Fu Sinian wanted to kill him!

“Young Master Fu, since you want to clarify things, why didn’t you look for me? Give me a chance to make up for my mistakes,” Rong Qi asked fearlessly.

In the future, such an opportunity would naturally be given to him!

“Are you sure you’re making up for your mistakes? Isn’t that huge traffic and popularity increasing your wealth?” Fu Sinian asked.

“Then, isn’t that convenient to help her! Young Master Fu, don’t worry. I’ve already prepared a super strong team for Sister Qian Qian to debut and reach the peak! I’ll personally protect her!”

“Are you worthy?”

Rong Qi choked.

“Alright, I’m not worthy. You’re worthy!”

With that, Rong Qi sat on the sofa and muttered, “If you’re worthy, why don’t you go home? If you’re worthy, why are you working overtime here? If you’re worthy, why did you take medicine?”

Fu Sinian originally didn’t want to answer Rong Qi, but when he heard the last sentence, he immediately stood up and walked towards Rong Qi.

“What medicine?” he asked coldly.

Rong Qi wanted to get up, but his legs went weak and he fell onto the sofa.

“No, nothing.”

“Were you with Jianshen when I asked for the medicine?”

“No, no, no! I don’t know. I don’t know anything.” Rong Qi immediately waved his hand.

Fu Sinian suddenly reached out, grabbed Rong Qi’s collar, and picked him up like a chicken.

“So, it’s all your fault that the medicine was sent so quickly.” Fu Sinian could already imagine the situation.

“I was afraid you would be anxious!” Rong Qi confessed without being told. After saying that, he covered his mouth regretfully!

“I haven’t fenced in a long time,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

“Why are you fencing at night! I’m going back to bed. My mother said that sleeping late affects the quality of sperm.”

As soon as Rong Qi got up, Fu Sinian pressed him back down. His body was almost sunk into the sofa, unable to move.

“Coincidentally, the company’s fencing room has been empty for a long time. Practice with me.”

Rong Qi was speechless.

He was going to kill someone!

Two hours later, Rong Qi fell to the ground, the sword falling a meter away.

Fu Sinian took off his fencing uniform and glanced at Rong Qi.

Rong Qi held his arm that was about to break from the pain and was cursing Fu Sinian in his heart.

He was simply inhumane to hit him so hard!

Was this fencing? He was like a donkey being whipped by Fu Sinian for two hours!

Chen Song brought over new clothes. Fu Sinian turned and walked into the bathroom.

When he came out again, Rong Qi had run away.

Chen Song came to Fu Sinian’s side and asked softly, “President Fu, it’s almost two o’clock. Do you want to continue working or go back?”

Fu Sinian adjusted the buttons on his sleeves. His fair skin was as clear as porcelain under the light, and every strand of his hair looked extremely luxurious.

“Chen Song, hire a skilled hacker to keep an eye on the Internet,” he instructed.

“Yes.” Chen Song immediately understood.

This hacker was specially hired for Madam.

He also felt that this trending topic about Madam this time was engineered.