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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 338 - 338 Divorce

338 Divorce

Her heart tightened uncontrollably!

Was Fu Sinian also staying in this hotel last night?!


“Senior, let’s go in first. We’ll leave later.” Shi Qian pulled Liu Yiming into the hotel lobby.

She didn’t want to meet Fu Sinian.

The door of the luxury car suddenly opened. A pair of expensive leather shoes landed first, followed by a pair of straight legs.

Fu Sinian got out of the car in his formal suit.

His gaze fell on Shi Qian and Liu Yiming.

Shi Qian held Liu Yiming’s arm tightly. The two of them were very close.

From this action, Shi Qian was definitely not stressed in front of Liu Yiming!

Shi Qian realized that Fu Sinian had already seen her and had not left. She had no choice but to brace herself and stand there.

Liu Yiming looked down at Shi Qian and realized that she was nervous and uneasy.

He held Shi Qian’s hand and greeted Fu Sinian with a smile. “Mr. Fu, what a coincidence. You stayed in this hotel yesterday too?”

“Shi Qian, come here,” Fu Sinian called out to Shi Qian.

“Mr. Fu, shall I send Shi Qian to school today? We coincidentally met.” Liu Yiming’s voice sounded again.

“Shi Qian isn’t going to school today. She and I have something to do.” Fu Sinian was talking to Liu Yiming, but his gaze was fixed on Shi Qian.

Shi Qian looked up at Fu Sinian, not understanding what he was talking about.

“Shi Qian, if you don’t do it today, I’ll think you still care and don’t want to do it anymore,” Fu Sinian said again.

This time, Shi Qian understood.

Fu Sinian wanted to go through the divorce procedures with her!

She immediately let go of Liu Yiming’s hand. “Senior, go to school first. I’ll go back to school after I’m done.”

Liu Yiming didn’t insist anymore and nodded. “Then I’ll wait for you at school.”

“Okay,” Shi Qian replied and walked towards Fu Sinian’s car.

Fu Sinian glanced at Liu Yiming before turning to leave.

Liu Yiming looked at Fu Sinian’s tall figure and realized that Fu Sinian was actually not in a wheelchair today.

Besides, from Fu Sinian’s actions, he didn’t look like he had leg problems.

The car started slowly.

Shi Qian felt that the atmosphere in the car was too gloomy and oppressive for her to breathe.

This atmosphere was completely because of the low pressure coming from Fu Sinian.

“Young Master Fu, are we going to settle the divorce procedures?” Shi Qian still couldn’t help but ask for confirmation.

“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied simply.

“Thank you,” Shi Qian said softly.

“For what? For letting you go?” Fu Sinian’s tone made him feel awkward.

He should be even more indifferent than he had imagined. This shouldn’t affect him too much.

However, the truth was not what he had expected.

He felt terrible.

“Shi Qian, do you know why I suddenly changed my mind and wanted to divorce you?” Fu Sinian suddenly asked me.

“Why?” Shi Qian couldn’t figure it out, nor did she want to spend time trying to figure out Fu Sinian’s thoughts.

“Because I suddenly lost interest in you.”

Shi Qian’s heart tightened.

Therefore, his reaction to her before was only out of interest.

When he wanted her, it didn’t matter if he took her by force. When he didn’t want her, he threw her away like a rag.

“Anyway, I have to apologize to you. I’m the one who barged into your life. I’m sorry. I feel bad for disturbing you,” Shi Qian apologized gently.