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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 336 - 336 They Spent the Night in a Hotel

336 They Spent the Night in a Hotel

“Okay, arrange it.” Fu Sinian put down his glass. The waiter was about to refill his glass when he raised his hand to stop him.

“When are you free tomorrow?”


“Right now. There’s no need to wait until tomorrow.”

“Now? Okay, I’ll arrange it immediately.” With that, Su Ruoqing made a call and instructed.

This was the outcome she wanted to see most.

… .

Shi Qian checked into the hotel and walked towards Liu Yiming.

“I’m done, Senior. Thank you for sending me here. I’ll go up first.”

“Okay, rest early. If anything happens, you can call me anytime.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Go up quickly,” Liu Yiming urged.

Shi Qian turned and walked towards the elevator. After the elevator door closed, Liu Yiming turned and walked to the front desk to get a room too.

He was still worried about Shi Qian staying alone in a hotel.

When she reached her room, Shi Qian fell wearily onto the bed.

She took out her phone and scrolled through the webpage again. When she was sure there were no more messages cursing and cursing, her tense emotions relaxed.

The Internet was calm, as if nothing had happened.

She put down her phone and went to take a shower. When she returned, she lay in bed and slept. Exhausted, she just wanted to sleep.

… .

12 a.m. sharp.

A media account posted a video.

This was an exclusive interview with Fu Sinian.

The video was only dozens of seconds long, and the content of the interview was actually Fu Sinian’s direct response to the recent scandal between him and Shi Qian.

When the host asked about his relationship with Shi Qian, he only replied coldly, “Miss Shi and I are acquaintances.”

The video instantly spread across the Internet. All the major media outlets were fighting to report it.

Many people left comments under Shi Qian’s short video account.

Most of the people who still paid attention to Shi Qian after a few storms were true fans of her voice.

[Does Big Boss Fu and Qian Qian only know each other? When this rumor spread, I was first shocked. I felt that it was impossible, but in the end, I got carried away! Why did Big Boss Fu suddenly clarify it? If he had clarified earlier, I wouldn’t have been unable to extricate myself!]

[Big Boss Fu has already driven me here more than once. He’s only clarifying it now. Could there be some inside story? Anyway, this is a big blow to me! I’m waiting for Big Boss Fu to slap his face online!]

[Big Boss Fu, you seem to have a fake account! Are you sure you really just know her? Nine million fans are watching!]

… .

When Sweetie’s team discovered the post cursing Shi Qian and her mother online, the entire team panicked.

They knew the seriousness of this matter.

If it was not handled well, Sweetie might be greatly affected.

If Shi Qian was really related to Fu Sinian and offended Shi Qian, it would be equivalent to offending Fu Sinian. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to destroying her future?

They were also looking for the person who posted the post and the website to communicate.

However, the post disappeared before they could find anyone. Besides, they had received a call from an investigation.

It was only when they received this call that they found out that Shi Qian had also called the police.

“Tiantian, do you think the reason the news online calmed down all of a sudden is because of the police, or is it controlled by some other force?” Sweetie’s manager asked Sweetie.

“When you checked that post, didn’t you find out that the person in charge of the website was not in the country? I think the police might not have a result so quickly. There must be some power controlling it.”