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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 332 - 332 He's Not The One Accompanying Her

332 He’s Not The One Accompanying Her

Rong Qi kicked him!

“This is more than a huge matter! The f*cking sky is falling! Hurry up and deal with it. I’ll personally apologize to Young Master Fu! Pray that I can come back alive!”


… .

When Rong Qi arrived at the Fu Corporation, Fu Sinian was still in a meeting.

He waited anxiously in Fu Sinian’s office.

Chen Song got someone to make tea and bring it in.

“Third Young Master, have some tea.”

“How long will Young Master Fu take?”

“He should be over soon. Young Master Fu will control the time and pick Madam up from school.”

“Didn’t Qian Qian call Young Master Fu today? Especially in the afternoon?” Rong Qi quickly asked.

Could it be that Qian Qian was in class and did not notice the news online?

He prayed that Qian Qian would not see those things.

He held his phone and scrolled through the news online from time to time, cursing his people for being so stupid. It had been so long. Why hadn’t it been resolved!

Suddenly, the door opened and Fu Sinian returned to the office.

Rong Qi immediately smiled awkwardly at him.

“Young Master Fu, is the meeting over?”

“Why are you here?”

“I…” Rong Qi found it difficult to speak for a moment.

Fu Sinian arrived at his desk. Chen Song immediately brought a stack of documents to the table. He ignored Rong Qi and lowered his head to sign them.

“Young Master Fu, I… I’m here to apologize to you!” Rong Qi said bravely.

Fu Sinian looked up at Rong Qi, his eyes dark. “Apologize? Tell me, what crime did you commit?”

“I posted all your scandals with Qian Qian online.”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian snorted softly and lowered his head to continue signing.

“Today, you sent Qian Qian to school. I didn’t expect it to be trending. Then, things got a little out of control.”

Fu Sinian stopped writing and shot a sharp look at Rong Qi.

Before Rong Qi could confess, he took out his phone and searched for it himself.

Soon, he saw the post and scrolled down. His face immediately darkened.

“Young Master Fu, I was wrong! I’m dealing with it now. I’ll deal with it immediately! I’ll definitely make these comments disappear without a trace!”

Fu Sinian gritted his teeth. If looks could kill, Rong Qi would be a corpse now!

Did Shi Qian see these comments?

She had called him and asked him to handle it. At that time, he had ignored her. Later, the matter had fermented to this point!

She must have been paying attention to what was happening online, so it was impossible for her not to have seen this post!

Fu Sinian suddenly stood up and walked out.

Rong Qi was flipping through his phone when he realized that the page they had opened earlier was gone. “Young Master Fu, I’m deleting them!”

He jogged but couldn’t keep up with Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian pressed the elevator button and Rong Qi immediately ran, but he was too late.

The elevator door closed.

He made an angry call.

“Why is a post deleted so slowly? Which website posted it! What am I paying you for!”

“Third Master, calm down! The person in charge of this website is not a domestic company. It took me a long time to find it.”

Fu Sinian got into the car and personally contacted the bodyguards to ask where Shi Qian was now.

The bodyguard sent a location.

Fu Sinian asked where Shi Qian had gone in the afternoon.

After hearing that Shi Qian and Liu Yiming had gone to the police station together, Fu Sinian’s expression immediately darkened.

“Young Master Fu, there’s traffic.” Jiang Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

Fu Sinian looked at the long line of cars in front of him and felt suffocated.