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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 331 - 331 Going Too Far!

331 Going Too Far!

“Shi Qian, what happened?” Liu Yiming quickly asked.

“Let’s go to the police station first.” Shi Qian didn’t want to waste time.


As this concerned her mother, she only wanted those comments online to disappear! Immediately!

“Wait for me here first. I’ll drive the car over.” Liu Yiming quickly turned and left.

Fifteen minutes later, Shi Qian came to the nearby police station and registered everything that had happened.

Only then did Liu Yiming understand the entire story.

“When can we delete all the comments online?” Shi Qian asked the staff who received her.

“We’ve already accepted the case. We’ll contact the cyber police to deal with it immediately. It might take some time,” the staff replied patiently.

“Thank you both,” Shi Qian said softly.

“You’re welcome. It’s what we should do.”

Shi Qian came out of the police station. Liu Yiming followed her. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Senior, can you accompany me to a deserted place for a while?” Shi Qian turned around and looked at Liu Yiming.

“I know a river nearby. The embankment has just been repaired. There’s no one there yet. I’ll take you there.”

“Thank you.”

There was no one by the river. Tall reeds and unknown wildflowers grew on either side of the dam. When the wind blew, the reeds fluttered and the flowers swayed. As far as the eye could see, it was open.

Shi Qian felt her emotions ease a little.

She walked along the dam with Liu Yiming beside her. He didn’t make a sound.

After walking for a while, Shi Qian sat down. Liu Yiming turned around and walked to the other side, blocking the sun for her.

“Shi Qian, if you want to cry, cry.”

Shi Qian’s eyes turned red. Tears welled up in them. She looked up at the sky and forced them back.

Seeing her like this, Liu Yiming wanted to pull her into his arms and comfort her.

“Crying won’t solve anything,” Shi Qian said. The words were more for herself.

Liu Yiming looked down at her, his eyes filled with pity.

Why did he feel as if her heart was hurting when he heard this?

She was clearly only twenty years old and a little girl.

He understood why Shi Qian hid everything in her heart.

It was this girl’s gentle, tenacious side that moved him deeply.

… .

Rong Qi took a noon nap and stretched lazily.

The door opened and a figure hurried in.

“Third Master, you’re finally awake. The news we posted this morning about President Fu is trending.”

“Didn’t I tell you to watch? Why did it rush to the trending topics again? Could it be that Fu Sinian’s physique can’t be suppressed even if I want to!” Rong Qi walked to the wine cabinet and poured himself a glass of wine.

“That’s not all. I only went for a meeting, and this matter went out of control and fermented. Look.”

Rong Qi took the phone and glanced at it. The wine glass fell out of his hand and onto the expensive carpet, spilling all the wine.

What he saw were the comments attacking Shi Qian and Shi Qian’s mother.

“What are these things!” Rong Qi couldn’t help but curse. “Deal with these immediately. No matter what, we have to resolve it perfectly before Young Master Fu makes a move!”


Rong Qi paced the room anxiously. “Why didn’t you wake me when there was such a big thing?”

“Third Master, you were taking a nap. No matter what, we can’t wake you up.”