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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 330 - 330 Don't Trust Big Boss Fu Anymore

330 Don’t Trust Big Boss Fu Anymore

“Okay, President Su. I’ll arrange it now!”

Su Ruoqing revealed a satisfied smile and turned back to the private room.


… .

For the entire afternoon, Shi Qian was worried about what was happening online.

It seemed that Fu Sinian was not done with his work and had no time to care about her.

As she scrolled, she suddenly saw a post.

[SQ is disgusting.]

Although the title of this post was replaced by phonetic letters, Shi Qian was still a little sensitive.

Unable to stop herself, she clicked on the post.

The content of the post was: What do you think about SQ occupying the trending topics? Did SQ do it on purpose? She’s a dubbing actress, so she should know the publicity time of the team, right? Her intentions can’t be more obvious! Don’t tell me she thinks she can become popular just because she’s suppressing our Little TT? After chasing celebrities for so many years, I’ve seen all kinds of strange people, but this is the first time I’ve met someone who disgusts me so much!

There were already thousands of replies.

[Oh, I’m really suffocating! There’s finally a place to vent! SQ’s behavior is really disgusting. It’s disgusting.]

[My heart aches for Little TT. It wasn’t easy for Little TT to get to where she is today. Everyone knows that. Moreover, she relied on her strength and acting skills to gain a place in the entertainment industry! Our Little TT has suffered greatly. A supporting actress actually surpassed the main lead. Little TT can’t take this lying down!]

[So what? If you don’t want to swallow it, you’ll lose your teeth and swallow down with blood!]

[She has capital behind her, a big sugar daddy, and a supporter. What does our Little TT have?]

[There’s us! Don’t be afraid of the power of capital.]

[Hehe, if Little TT dares to make a sound today, do you think her career will be affected? Don’t you think about whose thigh SQ is hugging!]

[I’m not a fan of Little TT. I really hate SQ. Can I scold her?]

[I’m not a fan of Little TT either. SQ is a dog!]

[I curse SQ.]

[I think SQ has a seriously ill mother. I wonder if she’s alive. If not, I’ll send a bouquet of flowers to express my condolences.]

When Shi Qian saw this reply, her blood froze!

Her hands were shaking so badly that her heart felt like it was being squeezed.

She no longer had the courage to scroll down, afraid that she would see such comments again.

Her mother was her weakness. She could be exposed on the Internet and accept all kinds of abuse, slander, and accusations, but she definitely didn’t want her mother to be implicated!

After a moment of calm, she couldn’t help but scroll down.

Her fingertips were cold. The information below was getting more and more unsightly.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar photo.

This was a photo of her mother!

However, the photo had been photoshopped into a black-and-white photo. Wasn’t this a funeral image?

Shi Qian trembled with anger at the photo!

For some reason, the comments below changed from attacking her to attacking her mother.

It was as if everyone had vented their malice on his mother because of her!

Shi Qian felt dizzy, and her hands trembled uncontrollably.

If this matter was not stopped, it would continue to ferment.

But who could she ask for help?

Fu Sinian…

“Shi Qian, what’s wrong?” Liu Yiming’s voice suddenly sounded.

He hurried to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian’s face turned pale. The situation did not look good.

“Senior, can you accompany me to the police?” Shi Qian asked softly.

“Police?” Liu Yiming immediately looked nervous.