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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 329 - 329 Qian Qian's Misunderstanding

329 Qian Qian’s Misunderstanding

Shi Qian went to the library to organize her study materials. An hour had passed. She picked up her phone and checked her popularity online. There was still no change. It was firmly on the trending searches.

She carried her bag and left the library, dialing Fu Sinian’s number.


At this moment, Fu Sinian had just arrived at the restaurant. There were a few business partners here to discuss cooperation projects during dinner today.

As soon as he arrived, the entire private room fell silent.

Su Ruoqing was among them. She knew that Fu Sinian was coming to this meal and specially rushed over.

“President Fu, it’s good of you to come today.” Someone immediately went forward and invited Fu Sinian to the main seat.

“Hello, President Fu.” The remaining people came to greet Fu Sinian.

“You’re welcome, everyone. Just make yourself at home,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

Su Ruoqing happened to walk to Fu Sinian with a water bottle and saw the caller ID on Fu Sinian’s phone screen.

This call was from Shi Qian.

Fu Sinian answered.

“Young Master Fu, is it convenient for you to speak now?” Shi Qian asked softly.

“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

“Today, you sent me to school and we made it to the hot searches again. Can you think about what I told you? Clarify our relationship, or suppress what happened online?”

“Is that what you called me about?”


“I’m busy at the moment. Let’s talk about it when I’m done.”

“This matter won’t take much of your time.” Shi Qian was anxious. She didn’t want to stay on the trending searches for another minute.

“Sinian, your stomach isn’t good. Don’t drink tea. Shall I get you a glass of warm water first?” Su Ruoqing suddenly asked.

Shi Qian heard Su Ruoqing’s voice on the phone.

“Okay,” Fu Sinian replied to Su Ruoqing and asked Shi Qian, “Is there anything else?”

“No.” Shi Qian hung up.

What important things could Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing be busy with? Besides, it sounded like they were eating.

He had time to eat with Su Ruoqing, but couldn’t he spend a few minutes dealing with this matter?

Shi Qian squatted by the roadside in anger.

Fu Sinian was really a scumbag! He was eyeing her covetously while being ambiguous with Su Ruoqing!

He and Su Ruoqing were so good together. They were so compatible and matched each other.

… .

Fu Sinian rarely socialized. He had come today because a few of the projects that were paused when he was unconscious had been reactivated.

Su Ruoqing had been secretly staring at Fu Sinian. As long as it was related to Fu Sinian, she had to interfere no matter what.

That was why she had appeared at this dinner today.

Fu Sinian was talking to someone about the project.

Su Ruoqing’s thoughts were completely on Shi Qian’s call just now.

She heard Shi Qian ask Fu Sinian to clarify something and say something about the trending topic. It should be about today.

What Shi Qian wanted to clarify was definitely her relationship with Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian didn’t want to clarify at all. He might even want to publicize his relationship with Shi Qian!

Su Ruoqing secretly clenched her hands.

On the one hand, she felt that Shi Qian did not know what was good for her, and on the other hand, she was crazy with jealousy.

Still, this was a good opportunity.

She took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and dialed Xu Hai’s number.

“Hello, President Su.”

“How did Sweetie react?” Su Ruoqing asked in a low voice.

“The fans are already very dissatisfied, but Sweetie has been suppressing it.”

“Sweetie has been in this circle for too long. It’s impossible for her to be easily manipulated by us. Start with the fans. Within an hour, I want to see Sweetie’s fans tear Shi Qian apart!”