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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 326 - 326 Fortunately, You Can't!

326 Fortunately, You Can’t!

Shi Qian looked at him angrily. “Fortunately, you couldn’t last night!”

“What did you say?” Fu Sinian instantly frowned.


No? She actually said he couldn’t!

Those two words almost angered him to death!

Shi Qian did not give him any response. She opened the door and got out of the car.

Fu Sinian looked at her angry back and tugged at his tie. He was so angry with Shi Qian that he couldn’t breathe!

She had been so obedient last night that he had thought she was really willing to accept him.

It turned out that she had done this to leave him!

Fu Sinian’s feelings were so low!

… .

Shi Qian walked into the school. From time to time, people behind her whispered.

“I heard that the second episode of Heavenly Feast has Shi Qian.”

“What’s shocking about her being on the hottest show now after getting such a big supporter?” The words sounded sour.

“Sun Feifei was so popular previously. She probably didn’t get along with Shi Qian. Now, she has disappeared from the entertainment industry.”

“Sun Feifei disappeared from the entertainment industry because she falsely accused her. Besides, she has too much dirt on her.”

“It takes two to tango. Why is she targeting Shi Qian? Shi Qian must have done something that made her unable to take it anymore so she made such a move to frame Shi Qian.”

Shi Qian stopped and turned to look at them.

They were secretly discussing when they realized that Shi Qian was looking at them and stopped.

“Student, you have to be legally responsible for spreading false rumors,” Shi Qian reminded him coldly.

“We’re just discussing. Shi Qian, you’re an Internet celebrity now, aren’t you? As a public figure, can’t you be evaluated?”

“That’s right. You’re not famous yet, but you think you’re a big shot! If you hadn’t cozied up to Fu Sinian and there were so many people in the broadcasting department, would you have had the chance to dub for Director Zheng? Moreover, you’re the female lead.”

“That’s right! Some people usually pretend to be innocent. Actually, they have many tricks up their sleeves. No wonder they don’t even like a crown prince like Qin Hao!”

“Besides Qin Hao, it’s also your fault that the Qin family went bankrupt.”

“Stop talking. Be careful that she might hate you. She will go back and lick her sugar daddy’s boots. After that, she’ll make you suffer!”

The few of them looked at Shi Qian in disdain. They said they were afraid, but they looked fearless.

Liu Yiming pushed his bike over.

The girls immediately changed their faces and pretended to be gentle and demure.

“Senior!” One of them greeted Liu Yiming warmly.

Liu Yiming didn’t even look at her. He walked straight towards Shi Qian. “Class is about to start. Why are you still standing here? Get on my bike. I’ll take you there.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded and sat in the backseat of Liu Yiming’s bike.

Seeing the two of them leave, the female classmate who had just greeted them gritted her teeth.

“When did Senior meet Shi Qian? And they seem to be on good terms?”

“Shi Qian must have seduced Senior! Wasn’t she taken in by Fu Sinian? Why did she provoke Senior? She’s a fox, right? She’s quite flirtatious!”

… .

Shi Qian sat in the backseat of Liu Yiming’s bike, immersed in her thoughts.

Their comments more or less affected her mood.

That was what she was most worried about.

As long as she was related to Fu Sinian, all her efforts and strength would be denied.

She was the one who had barged into his world without permission. She did her best to give him what he wanted. She didn’t hope to get away unscathed. Was Fu Sinian still unwilling to let her off?

“Are you still thinking about what just happened?” Liu Yiming’s voice suddenly sounded.