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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 324 - 324 Faster than a Deliveryman

324 Faster than a Deliveryman

This response made Fu Sinian’s heart surge with passion again.

However, his current situation was two extremes.


He was already feeling like a volcano about to erupt as it accumulated energy.

However, his body was like a pool of stagnant water. He couldn’t even stir a ripple.

Fu Sinian suddenly stopped the kiss. He was afraid that if he continued, it would not end well.

Shi Qian looked at him in confusion.

He cupped her small face and said softly, “Qian Qian, I’m going to the bathroom.”

Shi Qian looked at his back in confusion.

However, he had just drunk so much water that it was normal for him to go to the bathroom.

She lay on the bed and couldn’t help but think about the kiss.

She suddenly thought of a sentence. If you can’t resist, choose to enjoy it.

Besides, she wasn’t at a disadvantage with Fu Sinian.

The thought made her feel even better.

After a while, Fu Sinian still didn’t come out. Shi Qian couldn’t even open her eyes.

She was so sleepy!

Fu Sinian sat on the toilet without even opening the lid.

After so long, he still didn’t react!

He wanted to punch himself. Why was he in such a hurry to eat the medicine!

Why didn’t he go back to the room first!

He sat in the bathroom for a while before walking out.

Shi Qian lay on her side on the bed. Even under the blanket, he could see her exquisite curves.

Originally, he should have enjoyed this beauty.

The more Fu Sinian thought about it, the angrier he became.

He slowly walked towards Shi Qian and realized that she was already asleep. He heaved a sigh of relief and lay beside her.

It would definitely be better in the morning, he thought to himself.

No! He had to drink more water!

He had to strive to speed up his metabolism!

Fu Sinian immediately got up and walked out.

He spent the night drinking water and going to the bathroom.

However, the next morning, the same indifferent reaction struck him like lightning!

Fu Sinian broke down!

When Shi Qian woke up, the bed was empty.

Fu Sinian wasn’t in the room.

Last night, she fell asleep. Did they just sleep like this after that?

Fu Sinian’s reaction made her feel that something was wrong!

Last night, he had been nothing like his usual self.

Could it be that his body had not fully recovered and he was powerless at the critical moment?

There didn’t seem to be any other reason.

Shi Qian got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.

After changing, she went to the living room. Fu Sinian was sitting on the sofa. He hadn’t changed yet. His clothes were wrinkled, and his hair was a little messy. He couldn’t hide his sorry state and exhaustion.

Shi Qian was shocked to see him like this.

He didn’t seem to have slept much all night.

Then she realized that five or six water bottles had been thrown into the living room. Did Fu Sinian drink all of them?

Why had he drunk so much water last night?

“Young Master Fu, are you feeling unwell?” Shi Qian asked with concern.

Fu Sinian’s face darkened. “It’s okay.”

“But you don’t look fine. Should we call Dr. Bai over to take a look?”

“No need! I don’t want to see him now!” Fu Sinian sounded angry.

This Bai Jianshen was really too much!

If he wanted that kind of thing, Bai Jianshen actually gave it to him!

Bai Jianshen might as well change his career and deliver food!

Even the delivery men were not as fast as him!

“Shall I make some breakfast?” Shi Qian asked tentatively.

“Okay,” Fu Sinian replied with a nod.

Shi Qian walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see what was thrown on the counter!