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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 322 - 322 She Took the Initiative to Hug Him

322 She Took the Initiative to Hug Him

If Fu Sinian cooperated and wasn’t so domineering, she believed that she could survive this time.

Shi Qian waited until she was sleepy.


As her eyelids kept fighting to stay open, the door suddenly opened.

Fu Sinian walked in from outside. He deliberately relaxed his footsteps. It was late. Shi Qian must be asleep.

He came to the bed and sat in front of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian closed her eyes and waited for Fu Sinian to act.

Fu Sinian just sat there, making her feel extremely tortured.

Anyway, there was no harm in making the first move. She made up her mind and went all out.

Under the blanket, a hand slowly reached out and gripped Fu Sinian’s wrist.

He looked startled.

Was Shi Qian still awake?

Shi Qian opened her eyes slowly and sat up in bed.

The blanket immediately slid from her shoulders, revealing her milk-white shoulders.

Thick black hair fell messily on her shoulders.

Her black hair and milky white skin collided, creating the purest lust!

Fu Sinian immediately felt his heart go dry.

Shi Qian took the initiative to approach him. Fu Sinian subconsciously reached out and hugged her soft body.

Shi Qian’s body trembled. She didn’t want to give herself a chance to retreat. She immediately raised her hand and wrapped it around Fu Sinian’s neck.

Fu Sinian never expected her to be so proactive!

“Young Master Fu, I’m ready.” Shi Qian’s voice was timid.

A simple sentence was enough to steal Fu Sinian’s soul!

A vein throbbed in Fu Sinian’s forehead.

“Qian Qian, I was too impulsive before. I don’t want to force you. It’s late. Go to sleep.”

Shi Qian did not expect Duke Fu Sinian to reject her!

She was already prepared. How much courage did it take!

Next time, she couldn’t guarantee that she would have the courage!

She didn’t let go and arched into Fu Sinian’s arms again.

Fu Sinian’s brows furrowed.

“Young Master Fu, can you… be gentler?” she asked softly.

Fu Sinian suddenly released her and turned to walk out.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Not long after, Rong Qi and Bai Jianshen drove out of Fu Sinian’s neighborhood.

“Jianshen, how long will that medicine take effect?” Rong Qi couldn’t help but ask.

“It’ll take effect in ten minutes.”

“How long can the effect last?”

“It’ll take at least three days, and if he has sex in the next half a month, he might go soft midway.”

“It’s that serious? Fu Sinian is really too ruthless. He’s even so ruthless to himself!”

“Qian Qian might have suffered some stimulation when she was young and had a serious stress reaction. Previously, Young Master Fu caused her to be stressed once. In order to have a harmonious husband and wife life in the future, it’s nothing for him to suffer now.”

“F*ck, Fu Sinian is simply a beast! How did Sister Qian Qian meet such a wolf!”

Suddenly, Bai Jianshen’s phone rang.

Rong Qi answered and put him on speaker.

“Young Master Fu, are you not used to the medicine and have never been so soft? This is normal. You’ll be like this tomorrow morning,” Bai Jianshen took the initiative to say.

Just now, before he could explain the medicinal effect, he was chased out by Young Master Fu.

“How can we make this medicine fail?” Fu Sinian’s voice came from the phone.

His voice sounded low and hoarse, and his breathing was a little labored. He sounded like a dormant beast that had just happened to be trapped again.

Rong Qi immediately covered his mouth when he heard this.

He was afraid that he would accidentally say something he shouldn’t at this time.

Otherwise, today next year might be his death anniversary.