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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 320 - 320 Big Boss Fu's Problems Are Getting Fewer

320 Big Boss Fu’s Problems Are Getting Fewer

Shi Qian sat in the restaurant and watched Fu Sinian come out with bowls and plates. She realized that he exuded a trace of enthusiasm she had never seen before.

This was very different from his usual appearance.


Fu Sinian brought everything out. Shi Qian divided the noodles, added shredded cucumber and carrot, and a large spoonful of stir-fried mushroom meat sauce. She stirred it and gave it to Fu Sinian.

She had prepared one for herself.

Fu Sinian had already taken a bite. Shi Qian wanted to ask him if the burnt taste was strong. Seeing that he didn’t react at all, he probably didn’t taste anything weird.

She looked down and tasted it. Her face changed.

The noodles were burnt. She couldn’t stand it. Why didn’t Fu Sinian react at all?

“These noodles taste a little burnt. Can you eat it?”

“It’s delicious.”

“Impossible!” Shi Qian looked skeptical.

These noodles were cooked in a pot. The burnt smell was so strong and he didn’t smell it at all!

“Do you want a bite of mine?”

Shi Qian couldn’t help but taste it and immediately frowned.

“It’s the same as mine. It’s all burnt! Shall I cook something else? Although there’s no noodles left, we bought something else.”

Shi Qian got up and was about to walk to the kitchen when Fu Sinian took her hand and pulled her into his arms.

Shi Qian fell into his lap.

“Your hand is burned. Don’t trouble yourself. If you don’t like noodles, I’ll get someone to send some more food over.”

“No, I can eat it too.” Shi Qian didn’t want to trouble others.

“Then eat quickly.” Fu Sinian let go and Shi Qian returned to her seat.

She didn’t eat much to begin with, so she didn’t even finish this bowl of noodles.

Fu Sinian was in his usual state. Not only did he finish the noodles, but he also finished all the side dishes she had prepared.

This was the appetite of a normal man.

“I’ll do the dishes.”

“No, your hand is injured. Leave it here. I’ll wash it.” Fu Sinian pressed Shi Qian’s shoulder to stop her from getting up.

Shi Qian sat there and watched Fu Sinian carry the plates and bowls into the kitchen.

Still, she got up and headed for the kitchen.

Fu Sinian had already turned on the tap and started washing. Although it was obvious at a glance that he didn’t do this kind of thing often, he still washed the dishes quite cleanly.

“Qian Qian, we should install a dishwasher,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

“It does save a lot of trouble to have a dishwasher,” Shi Qian agreed subconsciously.

Before her mother found out she was sick, she planned to use the money she earned to install a dishwasher for her mother. Before she could buy it, she received a call. Her mother suddenly fainted. Later, her condition was found.

That was why she had responded casually when Fu Sinian said that.

“I’ll get someone to install one tomorrow. Do you have a brand you like?” Fu Sinian asked Shi Qian again.

Shi Qian winced and replied slowly, “You can install whatever you want.”

“Okay,” Fu Sinian replied. The bowls were washed. He raised his hand to wipe them.

“Qian Qian, I have a video conference later. Rest first.”


Fu Sinian went to the study. Shi Qian looked around the room. At night, the lights automatically turned warm yellow, and the curtains were drawn with a light veil. The room was not as cold and stiff as it had been during the day.

She sat in the living room for a moment, processing the messages on her phone.

Teacher Ouyang sent her a message. The recording time for Heavenly Feast had been confirmed. It was set on the twelfth of next month. There were a total of six episodes. The recording time might take about four months.