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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 319 - 319 Sudden Gentleness

319 Sudden Gentleness

After returning to Fu Sinian’s residence, Jiang Feng put down his things and left in a hurry.

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian. “Rest for a while. I’ll pack the things I bought first and call you when the noodles are ready.”


“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied with a nod.

Shi Qian went into the kitchen and began to tidy up.

Fu Sinian’s kitchen was huge. There was really nothing there. When she opened the fridge, there was only some water.

She sorted the ingredients and tried the stove. Fortunately, everything was functional.

Fu Sinian entered the room to change his clothes. When he came out, he looked at Shi Qian’s busy figure in the kitchen.

He didn’t go forward to disturb her. Instead, he leaned against the wall and looked at her quietly.

This feeling was extremely warm.

The weather was a little hot. Shi Qian prepared cold noodles, made the sauce, and began to boil water to cook the noodles.

Suddenly, a hand crossed her waist and gently wrapped around her from behind.

Fu Sinian’s chest was hot against her back.

Her body leaned forward a little because of his weight. A strand of hair fell from her ear. She looked gentle.

There was sweat on her forehead and a hint of red on her cheeks. It was extremely tempting.

“The noodles are almost ready. Go outside and wait for a while.”

“I want to hold you,” Fu Sinian whispered back.

The water was already boiling. Shi Qian picked up the noodles and threw them into the water. The hot water splashed out and landed on the back of her hand. It immediately turned red.

Fu Sinian quickly shook her hand, turned on the tap, and rinsed it.

“Does it hurt?” he asked worriedly.

Shi Qian shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt.”

“It’s already red from the heat. How can it not hurt? I’ll get Jiang Feng to get some burn medicine.”

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Just rinse it with water for a while.” Shi Qian quickly stopped him from taking his phone.

In a moment, the boiling water came out of the pot again. Shi Qian quickly pulled back and scrambled to stir the noodles.

Fu Sinian was still worried about her hand. “Forget the noodles. Your hand is getting redder.”

He took her hand and blew gently at it.

Shi Qian looked at him. His sudden tenderness left her heart at a loss.

A smell came. Shi Qian immediately turned to look at the pot.

“The noodles are cooked!”

She quickly stirred it. There were some noodles stuck to the bottom of the pot. It had a slight burnt taste. This must affect the texture.

The key was that she had only bought this portion of noodles. If nothing unexpected happened, it would definitely be enough for two people.

She didn’t have any more noodles. She could eat these noodles. Would Fu Sinian eat such burnt noodles?

“This noodles are already burnt. It will definitely affect the texture. Let me see if I can cook something else for you?” Shi Qian asked him.

“Don’t bother. As long as it’s edible. How do we make these noodles? I’ll do it.”

Shi Qian was surprised. Fu Sinian had rolled up his sleeves and was about to help.

“Can you turn off the fire?” he asked Shi Qian, who had yet to react.

“That’ll do.” Shi Qian nodded immediately.

Fu Sinian turned off the fire and saw that a basin of clear water had been prepared. He asked Shi Qian, “Should we scoop up these noodles and put them in this basin of clear water?”


After confirming it, Fu Sinian began to scoop the noodles. For the first time, his movements were a little clumsy, but after picking up two mouthfuls, he became skilled.

“What happens after you finish scooping up the noodles?” he asked again.

“Take all the side dishes out and mix them together so they can be eaten.”

“Go sit outside and wait for me. I’ll carry it over.”