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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 315 - 315 Overstepping the Master

315 Overstepping the Master

Fu Sinian stopped what he was doing and slowly got up. Seeing Shi Qian’s uncomfortable expression, he felt sorry for her.

He had already tried his best to control his emotions and had almost exhausted all his patience.


Perhaps Shi Qian did this to him because she really did not like him.

He was about to comfort Shi Qian when she immediately tensed up.

Fu Sinian understood that at this time, not touching her was the best comfort for her.

He shifted and turned to look out the window.

Shi Qian’s breathing gradually steadied. She clenched her hands and found a little strength.

After a while, Shi Qian calmed down. She sat up and quickly tidied her scattered clothes.

Fu Sinian pressed the talk button and instructed Jiang Feng, “Go to the restaurant.”

Jiang Feng immediately changed directions and drove towards the restaurant Fu Sinian often went to.

When they reached the restaurant, Fu Sinian got out of the car first. Shi Qian followed him. As soon as they walked in, they saw a familiar figure.

When Su Ruoqing saw Fu Sinian and Shi Qian, she immediately smiled and welcomed them.

“Sinian and Miss Shi, you’re here for dinner too? What a coincidence,” Su Ruoqing greeted.

She noticed the marks on Shi Qian’s neck.

They were hickeys. There were more than one!

They were fresh.

For a moment, her heart ached.

“Are you alone?” Fu Sinian asked Su Ruoqing.

“Yes, you know it. I grew up overseas. I suddenly came to the country and didn’t have many friends. Although I’ve made some investments, they’re all partnerships. I’m not used to eating with people I don’t know well.” Su Ruoqing sounded aggrieved.

“Shall we go together?” Fu Sinian asked.

“Okay.” Su Ruoqing immediately nodded and pushed Fu Sinian’s wheelchair.

“Sinian, I remember that on the night you and I returned to the capital, we ate here. I came today to try the few specialties you mentioned. Let’s order a few more today to try, okay?”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded.

Shi Qian was a step slower and distanced herself from the two of them.

She was in no mood to eat now.

Su Ruoqing knew that Shi Qian was not following her, so she deliberately did not wait for Shi Qian. She pretended not to notice and pushed Fu Sinian forward.

Suddenly, the wheelchair stopped moving.

She couldn’t move.

Fu Sinian turned and looked in the direction of Shi Qian.

“Shi Qian,” he called.

Shi Qian had no choice but to walk over.

“Miss Shi, I’m sorry. I was so focused on talking to Sinian that I didn’t notice that you weren’t following me. This is your first time here, right? Sinian has a private room here. It’s right in front,” Su Ruoqing introduced enthusiastically.

Shi Qian felt that Su Ruoqing and Fu Sinian were like a couple. She was like a third wheel between them. She only felt embarrassed.

The three of them arrived at the private room and the manager immediately brought the menu over.

She enthusiastically introduced the new dishes to Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing, not taking Shi Qian seriously at all.

As Fu Sinian had brought Su Ruoqing here once, the manager here was smart and tried his best to please Su Ruoqing.

“Sinian, I want to eat this. Is this the specialty you mentioned last time?”

“Yes.” Fu Sinian nodded.

“This and this. This is your favorite.” Su Ruoqing ordered without hesitation.

She and Fu Sinian shared a menu. Their actions seemed intimate and ambiguous.

Shi Qian picked up her glass of water and took a sip.

“Is this enough? It’s a waste if you can’t finish it.” Su Ruoqing looked up at Fu Sinian.

Her posture showed the coquettishness of a woman.