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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 314 - 314 How Much did She Resist Him?

314 How Much did She Resist Him?

“When Qian Qian’s mother is discharged from the hospital and moves in with him, can I even see Qian Qian once a month? This kid is deliberately angering me! He’s really good at burning bridges.”

Jin An dared not speak.


The old master’s bridge had not been built.

He forced Young Master Fu to think of another way.

… .

Jiang Feng drove on the road. After leaving the hospital, Young Master Fu did not tell him where to go. He could only drive around the streets.

He didn’t dare to ask because when he got into the car, Young Master Fu and Madam didn’t look too good.

Something must have happened between them.

Shi Qian sat in the car and said nothing.

Fu Sinian looked at her a few times but received no response.

“Do you want to ask your senior out? We’ll treat him to a meal to thank him for his gift.”

Shi Qian turned to look at Fu Sinian like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

She was still angry. Fu Sinian’s words were undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

“Young Master Fu, don’t implicate anyone in our matter! Whether I treat Liu Yiming to a meal or not is my business!”

Fu Sinian suddenly grabbed Shi Qian’s wrist and pulled her into his arms.

“Why are you reacting so strongly at the mention of Liu Yiming?”

Shi Qian struggled for a moment, unable to break free from Fu Sinian’s control.

Fu Sinian reclined the seat and rolled over to press Shi Qian under him.

“Shi Qian, I want it now.”

Shi Qian’s face tightened and she held back all her words.

Fu Sinian pinched her chin and studied her small face. “How far have you and Liu Yiming gone? Has he kissed you?”

“How far have we gone? Is there a need to report to you?”

Fu Sinian leaned over and sealed her lips.

This kiss was even more domineering than before.

Shi Qian’s lips ached from the suction.

She swung her fist at him.

Fu Sinian held her wrist and controlled it above her head.

“Do you get nervous when Liu Yiming kisses you? Do you get stressed too?” Fu Sinian asked again.

He didn’t even realize how sour his tone was when he said this!

Shi Qian’s heart ached at his words.

Why was she so affected? How much mental building had she had to do over the years to gradually overcome her body’s stress response?

Before she met Fu Sinian, she hadn’t had a stress reaction for about five years.

After meeting him, she had had stress reactions from time to time.

Although it was especially serious that time, usually, if she didn’t control it well, she would still be agitated by him!

He could actually say that about her now.

“I only react to stress when I resist something.” Shi Qian didn’t answer the question directly.

However, the meaning behind her words made one think deeply.

She had deliberately answered that way for Fu Sinian to hear.

“You mean you don’t resist Liu Yiming?” Fu Sinian tightened his grip like an enraged beast.

Shi Qian frowned in pain.

Suddenly, she felt her clothes loosen…

She didn’t stop Fu Sinian, but her body tensed uncontrollably, and her teeth clenched. She couldn’t open her mouth herself, and her breathing quickened.

Fu Sinian felt the anger in her reaction grow. Actually, it wasn’t that he couldn’t control himself. He just wanted to vent his emotions.

He hadn’t done anything yet, but she reacted so strongly.

How much did she resist him?