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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 313 - 313 Burning the Bridge After Crossing the River

313 Burning the Bridge After Crossing the River

Shi Qian wanted to stay, but her mother refused.

She could only leave with Fu Sinian.


As soon as the two of them left, the old master and Jin An came to visit with soup.

When Shi Qiuran saw the old master, she wanted to sit up.

“Lie down quickly and don’t get up. The wound hasn’t recovered yet,” the old master immediately said.

“Old Master, why are you here? Look, you even came to visit me personally.”

“I should, I should. I wanted to see you the day you were transferred from the ICU, but I was worried it would affect your recovery. I only came today.”

“Qian Qian and Sinian were here today too. They just left.”

“Sinian was here too?” The old master was surprised.

“Yes, Sinian was raised too well by you and your in-laws! He’s mature, steady, humble, and polite. I’ve always been worried about Qian Qian. I didn’t expect God to give her such fate.”

When the old master heard Shi Qiuran’s words, he felt that this was not like Fu Sinian at all.

There was no objection to his maturity.

Modesty and politeness were debatable.

“I like Qian Qian from the bottom of my heart. Sinian is lucky to have met Qian Qian.”

“No, no, it’s Qian Qian’s blessing,” Shi Qiuran quickly replied.

“Qian Qian is so considerate and sensible. Sinian isn’t that good. I don’t even think he’s worthy of Qian Qian.”

“Qian Qian isn’t that good. Sinian is the impeccable one.”

The old master sighed. “Qian Qian’s mother, these two children can’t be separated no matter what.”

“Old Master, don’t worry. With a son-in-law like Sinian, I’ll wake up laughing in my dreams. I won’t agree to let Qian Qian and Sinian divorce no matter what.”

“Did Qian Qian tell you everything?” the old master asked suspiciously.

“Sinian told me.” Shi Qiuran sighed. “Qian Qian is a very insecure child. As a child, she was eager for her father’s love, but his father’s thoughts were never on her.”

“Later, I divorced Lin Shiming and left with her. Perhaps this matter has hit her hard.”

“She told me more than once that she never wanted to get married in her life. She had no expectations of marriage. That’s why she wanted to divorce Sinian. I’ve already decided that when I get out of the hospital, I’ll move in with Sinian and live with them.”

“That’s a good idea. Qian Qian will definitely listen to you.” The old master nodded in agreement.

The old master chatted with Shi Qiuran for a while longer before getting up to leave.

Walking out of the ward, the old master picked up his walking stick and hit the floor twice.

“Jin An, did you see that? He even knows how to look for external help! Knowing that I won’t help him, he turned around and asked for help!”

“Old Master, don’t be angry. The reinforcements Young Master Fu has hired are much more important than you.”

“You!” The old master was furious.

“Old Master, you can rest assured now. Young Madam’s mother already agrees to this marriage and likes our Young Master Fu so much. This marriage won’t end!”

“Hmph!” The old master snorted proudly.

“Old Master, why do you still look unhappy? It’s obvious from Young Master Fu’s current performance that he’s really interested in Young Madam.”

“I’m happy? That kid has already kidnapped Qian Qian! How can I be happy! I originally planned to bring Qian Qian’s mother to our place after she was discharged and take good care of her, but Fu Sinian took her away!”