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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 308 - 308 Are They Living Together?

308 Are They Living Together?

Chen Song could not withstand the atmosphere.

Suddenly, Jiang Feng walked in with his phone.


When Chen Song saw Jiang Feng, he immediately relaxed. His savior was here!

Jiang Feng must have rushed in because of Madam. Now, in Young Master Fu’s heart, Madam’s matter must be more important!

They could finally take a breather!

Fu Sinian glanced at Jiang Feng, although his expression was still very cold. He was no longer like a living demon like before.

Jiang Feng was in such a hurry to come in that he had to tell him about Shi Qian.

“What is it?” Fu Sinian asked in a low voice.

“Young Master Fu, look.” Jiang Feng brought the phone to Fu Sinian and opened the photo the bodyguard had sent.

Shi Qian and Liu Yiming stood side by side. Opposite them was a man in a pink shirt and black suit pants. There was a work pass hanging around his neck.

This outfit made him look like an agent.

Fu Sinian raised his hand and looked at the time. It was past three in the afternoon. This should be school time. Why had she gone to see the agent with Liu Yiming?

Fu Sinian’s brows slowly tightened. He threw the phone to Jiang Feng. “I understand. Get out.”

“Young Master Fu… This…” Jiang Feng hesitated.

How could he tolerate this?

Fu Sinian glanced coldly at Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng held back what he wanted to say and turned to leave.

The atmosphere in the conference room suddenly became more solemn.

“Chen Song, we didn’t organize a copy of the project according to the plan. We’ll get the person in charge of the project to hand it over.”

“President Fu, please give me another chance.”

“My subordinates don’t raise idle people, useless people, or trash!” With that, Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and left the conference room.

The few project managers who were named looked ashen.

Chen Song pitied them a little. They were in trouble!

It seemed that Madam’s matter made President Fu even more unhappy. That was why these people were even more unlucky.

Shi Qian looked at three houses accompanied by Liu Yiming.

She had asked for all three houses. They were three-bedroomed, southbound, had morning sun, and were newly decorated.

She was satisfied with everything except the price.

“I think the two of you are university students, right?” the agent couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes,” Shi Qian replied quickly.

“It’s more convenient for young couples to come out and rent a house if their financial situation permits. I help many college couples find houses. However, they all like apartments. They’re small and comfortable to live in. Moreover, it’s more cost-effective.”

“No, no, no. We’re not a couple. You’ve misunderstood. We’re just ordinary classmates,” Shi Qian quickly explained.

“Ah! I thought you were a couple. A perfect match.” The agent even sounded regretful.

“There are a few more houses. Let’s go take a look together. It won’t be too late to decide which one to choose after we’re done.”

“Okay, sorry to trouble you.”

Shi Qian followed the agent through the rest of the rooms and finally took a fancy to one. However, she had yet to confirm when her mother would be discharged. She only paid the deposit and rented the house.

“Senior, it’s been hard on you to look at houses with me for so long today. Shall I treat you to something?” Shi Qian asked Liu Yiming.

“There’s a café opposite. The environment looks good to me. Let’s go over and sit down and talk about the filming.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

They headed in the direction of the café.