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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 307 - 307 Shi Qian Went to see a house with Senior!

307 Shi Qian Went to see a house with Senior!

There were no classes in the afternoon. Shi Qian asked the agent to see the houses.

Before she left school, she received a call from Liu Yiming.


“Senior, why are you looking for me?”

“Shi Qian, do you have class this afternoon?” Liu Yiming asked.


“Can we meet? I have some questions about filming that I want to ask you.”

“Senior, I’m not free this afternoon. I have an appointment with a property agent.”

“Why are you meeting an agent? Do you want to rent a house?”


“Are you going alone?”


“I happen to be free this afternoon. I’ll go with you. It’s not safe for a girl to see a house. It just so happens that we can discuss the filming.”

“Wouldn’t that be too much trouble?”

“It’s no trouble. Where are you? I’ll come to you now.”

“I’ll leave the school immediately.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Liu Yiming hung up.

Shi Qian waited at the school gate. In less than ten minutes, Liu Yiming hurried over.

“Senior.” Shi Qian waved at Liu Yiming.

Liu Yiming came to Shi Qian and asked softly, “Where is the appointment with the agent?”

“Sunshine Garden.”

“Follow me.” Liu Yiming didn’t leave the school gate. Instead, he headed for a nearby parking lot.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Liu Yiming walked straight to a car.

Shi Qian was a little surprised to see this Bright Night Blue car. This car cost at least four to five hundred thousand yuan, right?

“I’m about to graduate. This is the first time I’ve driven the graduation gift from my family out.” Liu Yiming opened the car door for Shi Qian very gentlemanly.

Shi Qian got into the car. Liu Yiming started the car and drove away from the school.

Not far away, the two bodyguards who were secretly protecting Shi Qian could not help but look at each other when they saw this.

“Where is Young Madam going? Young Madam has left the school. Should we report her schedule to Young Master Fu?”

“Of course we have to report it. Let’s follow her and see where Young Madam is going.”

The two of them immediately followed.

When they arrived at the Sunshine District, Liu Yiming parked the car. The agent was already waiting. When he saw Shi Qian, he immediately greeted her.

“Hello, are you Miss Shi?”

“Yes, I am. May I know your name?”

“Just call me Xiao Chen. As you requested, I’ve found seven or eight houses in this neighborhood. Take a look and see if they’re suitable.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Let’s see the first one first!” The agent led them into the neighborhood.

When Liu Yiming was in the car, he had already asked Shi Qian why she was looking for a house. He also learned that Shi Qian had been staying at Fu Sinian’s house recently.

After Shi Qian’s house was rented, she would move out of Fu Sinian’s house.

He secretly heaved a sigh of relief. If Shi Qian kept staying at Fu Sinian’s house, she would be eaten up by Fu Sinian sooner or later!

When the bodyguard arrived outside the Sunshine District, he saw Shi Qian and Liu Yiming following the agent in.

They immediately took a photo and sent it to Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng was playing with his phone. When he saw the message from the bodyguard, his phone almost fell to the ground.

“Oh my god! What’s going on!”

Did Young Madam go to see a house with that senior? Were they going to live together?

Young Master Fu was destined to lose completely?

He had to tell Young Master Fu such an important thing immediately!

If he had been a little later, Young Master Fu would be a cuckold!

Fu Sinian was in a meeting. He was very dissatisfied with the progress of some projects. The atmosphere in the entire conference room was comparable to a crematorium.