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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 305 - 305 Big Boss Fu Confessed

305 Big Boss Fu Confessed

She thought that there was only one set of clothes. She thought that one set of clothes would be fine in the living room. Why did they fill the cloakroom?

Why had Fu Sinian prepared so many clothes for her in his residence?


Could it be that his agreement to divorce her was fake?

There was a sudden sound of footsteps behind her. Shi Qian immediately turned.

Fu Sinian stood behind her in a bathrobe.

“You haven’t chosen which one you want to wear?” Fu Sinian walked forward, opened the glass cabinet door, and helped Shi Qian choose.


“Why don’t you wear this? You still have to go to the recording studio. It’s mainly about comfort. After we’re done, we have to go to the hospital and see Mom.”

Fu Sinian’s tone stunned Shi Qian.

It was as if they were a normal couple living together.

Fu Sinian picked up the clothes and turned around. He handed them to Shi Qian and asked her, “Is this set okay?”

“Young Master Fu, we…”

“We’re about to get a divorce. I even prepared all this without telling you. You suspect my motives, don’t you?”

Shi Qian nodded.

“Qian Qian, even if we get a divorce certificate, can’t we be together?”

Shi Qian was stumped by his question.

What kind of logic was that?

Wasn’t a divorce equivalent to parting ways?

What she was thinking was that when she and Fu Sinian were divorced, it was best if they never crossed paths again!

“I can still pursue you after the divorce, right?” Fu Sinian asked again.


Fu Sinian actually said that he wanted to pursue her!

Shi Qian’s heartbeat suddenly lost its rhythm.

“Young Master Fu, you can have any woman you want. I don’t think we’re suitable.”

“You’re all I’ve wanted for more than twenty years. Besides, we haven’t even tried. How do you know we’re not compatible?”

“Young Master Fu, I have a boyfriend!” Shi Qian had no choice but to mention Liu Yiming again.

Fu Sinian’s face turned cold.

“Most relationships during university are fruitless. Otherwise, why would they say that school romance doesn’t last until marriage?”

Shi Qian was speechless.

“Qian Qian, love is different from marriage,” Fu Sinian said again.

“You mean you’re more suitable for marriage?” Shi Qian asked.

“No, I’m not just suitable for marriage. I’m more suitable for dating.”

Shi Qian didn’t expect Fu Sinian to be so shameless.

“It doesn’t matter if you like Liu Yiming now. I believe that you’ll fall in love with me sooner or later! Girls who have seen an eagle won’t like crows anymore.”

Shi Qian’s brain could no longer judge.

Was Fu Sinian confessing to her?

Did he really like her?

“You’ll still get a divorce with me, won’t you?” Shi Qian still wanted to be sure of his attitude.

“Yes. I can go through the procedures with you whenever you need me.”

Shi Qian breathed a sigh of relief at his assurance.

“Go take a shower and change. I’ll take you to breakfast and then I’ll take you to the recording studio.”

Shi Qian took the clothes from him and headed for the bathroom in the master bedroom.

In the bathroom, he had also prepared a set of daily necessities for her.

Her heart began to race again as she looked at these things. The deer in her heart kept pounding.

“Shi Qian, why are you so emotional! You said you wouldn’t get married in your life and didn’t want a man! Don’t take it too seriously!”

… .

Old Master Fu woke up and realized that Shi Qian had not returned last night. He immediately felt empty.

“Fu Sinian actually took Qian Qian with him!”