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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 303 - 303 Breaking Through Her Defense

303 Breaking Through Her Defense

Shi Qian felt a spicy pain at the tip of her nose and tears welled up.

When she realized which part of Fu Sinian she was crashing into, she felt terrible.


The strength in his hand was still there. He was clearly doing it on purpose!

Shi Qian bit down through the towel.

“Ah~~” There was a gasp from above.

This didn’t hurt very much, and with the towel between them, it was at most abrasive.

With this mouthful, Fu Sinian’s blood surged into his mind like boiling water!

He rubbed Shi Qian’s thick and soft hair, his heart burning.

Shi Qian had never expected him to not move when she had taken a bite. Didn’t it hurt?

Or had she bitten too lightly?

Suddenly, Fu Sinian pinched her chin and raised her small face.

“You want another bite? Why don’t I pull the towel off and you can bite me however you want, okay?”

“Hooligan!” Shi Qian replied angrily.

Fu Sinian’s body pressed down on her.

Unable to withstand his weight, Shi Qian fell onto the bed.

Her hand touched his chest and she quickly pulled back. He was naked from the waist up. She had nowhere to put her hand.

“Were you drunk last night?” Shi Qian asked him angrily.

There was a smile in Fu Sinian’s eyes. He just looked at her and didn’t answer her question.

“You were definitely not drunk!”

“Qian Qian,” Fu Sinian suddenly said with a smile.

His voice was low and mellow, soul-stirring. It was a little lazy and evil.

His hand slowly fell to Shi Qian’s hair. He stroked it gently and continued, “You should be glad that I was still a little sober last night. Otherwise, rationality is the hardest thing to control after drinking.”

“It’s a crime if you lose your mind!”

“Whether you admit it or not, we are married. It’s legal.” Fu Sinian’s hand moved to her cheek and stroked her smooth, tender skin.

Shi Qian immediately shivered, and the hair on her body stood on end.

Her voice trembled as she argued with him. “Even in marriage, it’s illegal to go against a woman’s wishes.”

“Tell me, how do you determine this boundary? Will you refuse at first and beg for it later?” Fu Sinian asked with a smile.

Shi Qian blushed. “I’ll never do what you say!”

Fu Sinian suddenly kissed her cheek. “Does this count as breaking the line?”

“Yes!” Shi Qian replied loudly.

“I don’t think that counts,” Fu Sinian said. Before she could react, he sealed her lips.

“Hey!” Shi Qian’s breath was instantly stolen by him.

He crushed her lips, neither gently nor forcefully, giving her room to breathe.

“Fu Sinian… No! Let go… quickly…”

Shi Qian’s lips were completely sealed by him. All sound was swallowed.

Her hands pushed at his chest with all her might, but she couldn’t move him at all.

Fu Sinian realized that although Shi Qian still struggled and resisted now, her body was not as tense as before.

Bai Jianshen was right. The way to resist stress was to keep her under constant stimulation.

He wanted her body to be familiar with this stimulation so that he could break through the defense her body had set up.

Shi Qian’s current reaction made Fu Sinian secretly happy.

She wasn’t as tense as she had been when he kissed her.