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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 300 - 300 He Wanted...

300 He Wanted…

“Young Master Fu, you’re home,” Shi Qian reminded him loudly, hoping to stop Fu Sinian from losing control.

Fu Sinian pinched Shi Qian’s chin and stroked her smooth chin with his fingers.


Shi Qian met Fu Sinian’s gaze. In just a second, she felt unable to resist.

His eyes were slightly intoxicating, like a pool of spring water suddenly wrinkled by a warm wind. Moreover, they were so sticky that they seemed to be able to pull out silk.

“Qian Qian, I want to kiss you,” he said suddenly.

“No! No!” Shi Qian immediately refused. “Fu Sinian, look carefully. We’re in the elevator now.”

“Qian Qian, do you mean you can’t do it in the elevator?” Fu Sinian asked her.

Shi Qian was stunned. She replied without thinking, “No!”

Fu Sinian really let go obediently.

Shi Qian heaved a sigh of relief. “Young Master Fu, what floor do you live on?”


Shi Qian turned and pressed the elevator button.

Only then did the elevator begin to move up.

Fu Sinian wasn’t in a wheelchair. He used Shi Qian as a human rack, putting half his weight on her.

Shi Qian could not be bothered to push him away now. She was still a little worried that he would lose his balance and fall.

The elevator stopped on the twenty-sixth floor and the door opened.

Shi Qian helped Fu Sinian walk over. “Young Master Fu, stand against the wall for a while. I’ll go get the wheelchair.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fu Sinian pulled her over and pressed her against the wall.

“We’re not in the elevator. Can we do it now?” Fu Sinian asked her.

“No! Nowhere!”

Fu Sinian suddenly lowered his head and pressed against her, swallowing her refusal.

The sudden kiss made Shi Qian’s mind go blank!

His kiss was so strong that she couldn’t refuse, but it was lingering and tender, eating away at her rationality.

Fu Sinian finally got what he wanted.

That was all.

When Shi Qian was about to suffocate, he let go of her reluctantly.

Shi Qian immediately took deep breaths of fresh air.

While she was panting, Fu Sinian’s kisses landed sporadically on her cheek and neck, not wasting any opportunity.

Finally, Shi Qian came back to her senses. She pushed his heavy body with difficulty. “Young Master Fu, you’re drunk!”

“Qian Qian, I can’t help but want to kiss you. What should I do?” Fu Sinian asked her.

“Young Master Fu, if you can’t control yourself, it’s equivalent to a crime!”

The heat in Fu Sinian’s eyes faded a little and he fell onto her shoulder again.

He really wanted to.

However, that did not mean that he would really go against her wishes.

He was unsteady, as if he might fall at any moment.

Shi Qian raised her hand to steady him and realized that his eyes were closed.

“Young Master Fu, wake up,” Shi Qian called out.

Fu Sinian didn’t respond.

Shi Qian struggled to support him as he headed for the door.

She knew that this neighborhood was one of the top apartments in the capital. It was at least three hundred square meters.

There was only one door on this floor. There should be a unit occupying every level.

Fu Sinian must live here.

Shi Qian dragged Fu Sinian to the door with difficulty. “Young Master Fu, what’s the password for the door lock?”

Fu Sinian didn’t react.

Shi Qian took his hand and used his fingerprint.

The lock didn’t react at all.

“Isn’t it this finger?” She was about to try the next one when Fu Sinian looked up from her shoulder.