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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 297 - 297 If Qian Qian Is Not Drunk, Young Master Fu Has No Chance

297 If Qian Qian Is Not Drunk, Young Master Fu Has No Chance

Let those people think that his body had yet to recover.

In fact, he should appear as a disabled person. Those with evil intentions would be fearless and he would find an opportunity to deal with them.


Rong Qi booked the largest private room and hired a band. The atmosphere had reached a certain liveliness.

He picked up his phone and glanced at it. Thirty minutes had passed since Fu Sinian had said forty minutes.

“Young Master Fu is almost here,” Rong Qi said to Bai Jianshen.

“Are you sure Young Master Fu likes this atmosphere?” Bai Jianshen looked around.

“Young people like to play like this! Young Master Fu is clearly at the same age as us. If he doesn’t change, there will be a generation gap!”

Suddenly, the door of the private room opened and Shi Qian pushed Fu Sinian in.

Rong Qi and Bai Jianshen were stunned.

Fu Sinian actually came with Shi Qian!

“Sister Qian Qian, you’re here too!” Rong Qi quickly went forward and pulled Shi Qian to the sofa.

Shi Qian greeted Bai Jianshen. “Hello, Dr. Bai. Long time no see.”

“Yes, long time no see.” Bai Jianshen nodded.

“Young Master Fu, you should have said that Qian Qian would come! I would have prepared in advance.” Rong Qi waved his hand and a waiter immediately walked over. “Bring me the wine I stored here previously, the most expensive bottle.”

“Yes, Third Master. Please wait a moment.”

Seeing Rong Qi’s increase in momentum, Shi Qian quickly stood up. “Rong Qi, Young Master Fu and I are just here to sit. We’re going back later.”

“No way! Young Master Fu, you’re leaving later?” Rong Qi turned to look at Fu Sinian. “It’s just the beginning and you’re leaving. You might as well not come!”

“I’m listening to Qian Qian,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Rong Qi’s expression immediately turned even uglier. “You’re the only one with a wife, right? Do you have to show off so much? You make it sound like you listen to your wife more!”

Shi Qian was even more embarrassed by the words.

Rong Qi turned around and pulled Shi Qian to sit on the sofa. “Sister Qian Qian, I promise you that every time Fu and I go out to drink, it’s according to the rules. Don’t worry, I’ll also help you watch over him. I won’t give him any chance to do anything disloyal to his marriage. I won’t let him have this thought!”

“I… I didn’t mean—”

“Since you’re already here, stay for a while before leaving,” Rong Qi interrupted Shi Qian.

Fu Sinian looked at Bai Jianshen. “Jianshen, Qian Qian has a toothache. Take a look and see what medicine to buy.”

Shi Qian was speechless!

Why did Fu Sinian still remember this!

Bai Jianshen thought to himself, Young Master Fu specially called me over to be a tool, right?

See, how nice it was that he was only late and not absent.

“Is it tooth decay or another problem?” Bai Jianshen asked Shi Qian.

Shi Qian could not believe that Dr. Bai knew dentistry!

“It’s not cavities. It’s a little inflamed. It’s not a big problem. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“You can still take some medicine to reduce the pain.”

“Send the name of the medicine to Jiang Feng and let him buy it,” Fu Sinian instructed.

“Okay.” Bai Jianshen took out his phone and sent Jiang Feng a message.

Rong Qi watched the scene and raised his glass to his mouth.

Why did he feel that Fu Sinian was showing off his love!

He really doubted his life! He could actually eat Fu Sinian’s dog food, and it was so fresh and hot.

He wanted to burn paper for his grandfather again!

The waiter brought the wine Rong Qi had asked for.

Rong Qi took it and placed it in front of Shi Qian. “Sister Qian Qian, drink this wine. It’s better than the last time. I specially saved it.”

Shi Qian immediately shook her head. “No, I’m not drinking today.”