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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 296 - 296 Big Boss Fu Is A Lotus Root, He's Full of Holes

296 Big Boss Fu Is A Lotus Root, He’s Full of Holes

One was in the south, and the other was in the north. What kind of closeness was that?

One really dared to say it, and the other really believed it!


Indeed, men were liars! Young Master Fu was no exception.

He felt that Young Master Fu was deliberately lying to Young Madam. He might be up to something!

Shi Qian and Fu Sinian sat in the car. She eagerly opened the gift set and couldn’t help but take out a shadow puppet to look at.

She really looked no different from a child who had received a gift.

Fu Sinian’s lips curved slightly, and he looked at Shi Qian with more tenderness.

It seemed that she liked it very much.

“Young Master Fu, do you know that this cultural street is really very successful? It’s different from other business streets. Although it’s a business street, business is not as strong. It’s filled with traditional culture. Cultural products are also especially good. Other than giving these figurines to children after watching the shadow dramas, if adults want them, they can only get them through activities! Not to mention getting this set! You’re still the one who gets the most face!”

Fu Sinian’s smile deepened.

Shi Qian turned around and met Fu Sinian’s smile. Her heart skipped a beat uncontrollably.

She couldn’t help but think about what Fu Sinian had done to her at the Shadow Theatre.

Her ears suddenly burned and her face turned red.

Fu Sinian noticed her abnormality.

Her eyes darted around, and her actions became extremely unnatural.

He understood it as shyness.

This appearance made Fu Sinian’s heart skip a beat. He wanted to continue the kiss in the theater that made him want more.

However, he was not in a hurry.

Shi Qian silently put away the things, not daring to look at Fu Sinian again.

After Fu Sinian had done something outrageous to her again and again, she would be too slow if he didn’t understand what he meant.

She was a little afraid of Fu Sinian now.

She was afraid he would do something even worse.

The car fell silent. Neither of them spoke again.

Shi Qian turned and looked out the car window at the scenery.

Suddenly, Shi Qian’s phone rang. It was the old master.

She quickly answered.


“Qian Qian, where are you? Are you coming back? I’ll get Jin An to pick you up.” The old master’s kind voice sounded on the phone.

“I’m with Young Master Fu now. We’ll be back soon.”

“You’re with Sinian?” The old master was surprised.

“Yes, Grandpa. It’s getting late. Rest early. You don’t have to wait for us.”

“Okay, I’m relieved to see you with Sinian. Then I’ll sleep first.”

“Okay. Good night.”

The old master hung up and couldn’t help but smile. “Jin An, Sinian is finally enlightened, right? Now, Qian Qian is with him.”

“Old Master, you can rest assured now, right?”

“Not necessarily! I can only be completely at ease when I have a great-grandson!” The old master put down his phone, but he was relieved.

“Jin An, follow Qian Qian’s mother closely. It’s very important for her to recuperate after she’s discharged from the hospital. I’m prepared to bring her here. Firstly, it’s convenient to take care of her. Secondly, Qian Qian can see her mother every day when she comes back.”

“Old Master, you’re really too thoughtful.”

“Sigh, it’s time to sleep. I can’t stay up late. I have to live a few more years so I can see my great-grandson.”

… .

The car stopped. Jiang Feng immediately got out of the car and prepared a wheelchair.

Shi Qian took the wheelchair arm. “I’ll push.”

Although Fu Sinian could walk normally now, he couldn’t last long. In order not to suddenly fall, he still traveled in a wheelchair.

There was another reason. He was in a wheelchair for some people to see.