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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 295 - 295 You Have to Have What Other Children Have

295 You Have to Have What Other Children Have

The shadow play was over and the lights went on.

The performer walked to the stage for the curtain call. There was a round of enthusiastic applause.


Shi Qian immediately pulled her hand out of Fu Sinian’s.

Fu Sinian’s gaze was still on the stage.

When the performance was ongoing normally just now, she didn’t see him watching it so seriously. Why did he become serious after the curtain call?

“Are there any gifts after the shadow drama?” Fu Sinian asked the person in charge.

“President Fu, that’s a small gift specially prepared for the children who came to watch the shadow drama to promote our national culture,” the person in charge quickly replied.

Fu Sinian looked at the person-in-charge quietly. The person-in-charge was stunned for a moment before he suddenly realized something and quickly instructed the person beside him, “Bring over our publicity gift bag!”

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian in confusion, not understanding what he meant.

She had already said that it was for children. He was already so old. Did he still want gifts?

This didn’t seem like something Fu Sinian would do!

The audience had already left the table. The theater was instantly empty. In the guest room, Fu Sinian didn’t move, and no one dared to move. They were all waiting.

After a while, a staff member came over with a carrier bag.

The person-in-charge immediately took it and personally handed it to Fu Sinian. “President Fu, this is a set of shadow figurines for you as a souvenir.”

Fu Sinian turned to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian froze again.

“Take it. You have to have what other children have,” Fu Sinian said slowly.

Shi Qian’s pupils trembled. Fu Sinian had asked for this set of things?

She was so grown up. How could she… Still, she really wanted it.

The person in charge quickly turned and handed it to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian took it and immediately thanked him. “Thank you.”

Fu Sinian turned and looked at Liu Yiming. “Student Liu, it’s too late today. I’ll take Qian Qian home. Please do as you please.”

The words were very polite, but there was an irrefutable force in them.

Liu Yiming looked at Shi Qian. “Shi Qian, I’ll go back first.”

“Okay. Goodbye, Senior.” Shi Qian waved at Liu Yiming.

Liu Yiming turned and left.

Shi Qian heaved a sigh of relief when Liu Yiming disappeared from her sight.

Fortunately, her lie hadn’t been exposed. Fu Sinian and Liu Yiming probably wouldn’t have a chance to meet again, right? Her heart couldn’t withstand such stimulation.

Fu Sinian looked into Shi Qian’s eyes and his face darkened.

He was already gone, but she was still looking in that direction. Was it so hard to part with him?

Suddenly, Fu Sinian’s phone rang.

Rong Qi called.

“Young Master Fu, where are you now? I know you’re not living in the Fu family’s old residence anymore. There’s no Old Master controlling you anymore. Come out and have fun, okay?”

“Where are you?”

“Still in the same place. When are you coming over? I’ll heat up the place first.”

“Call Bai Jianshen. I’ll be there in about forty minutes.”

“Okay! I’ll arrange it immediately!”

When Shi Qian heard Fu Sinian’s conversation, she asked softly, “Young Master Fu, if you have something on, I’ll take a taxi back myself?”

“Rong Qi arranged the meeting. Tomorrow is the weekend. You should go too.”

“I’d better go back. It’s getting late,” Shi Qian refused tactfully.

“Go greet Rong Qi and sit down for a while. It won’t take too much time. It’s on the way.”

Shi Qian could not refuse again. She nodded gently. “Okay.”

Jiang Feng was dumbfounded. Young Master Fu said that the place Third Master Rong arranged to meet was on the way to the Fu family’s old residence?