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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 294 - 294 I Can Be Uncivilized, But You Can't Be Uncivilized

294 I Can Be Uncivilized, But You Can’t Be Uncivilized

There was a slight pain in her ear. Shi Qian’s entire body went numb. She immediately dodged.

Fu Sinian held her hand tightly, not letting her flinch.

“Tell me, has your little boyfriend ever kissed you like this?” Fu Sinian asked in her ear.


His voice was as soft as a mosquito, but every word entered Shi Qian’s ears clearly.

“Answer me, Qian Qian,” Fu Sinian said seductively again.

Shi Qian felt a warmth in her ear and her body stiffened!

Fu Sinian was getting out of hand. His lips wandered slowly along the outline of her ear.

Shi Qian couldn’t breathe anymore. The hand that had been pushing Fu Sinian turned into a tight grip on his shirt. She was afraid that she would fall off the chair because she didn’t have the strength.

Fu Sinian was satisfied with her reaction.

He kissed her passionately and explored her ears wantonly.

No one dared to look in this direction. President Fu was almost pressed against her. Their ears were touching and lingering. One look at him could make one’s face blush and heart race!

Suddenly, lights lit up behind Shi Qian and Fu Sinian. Then, a phone rang.

Shi Qian quickly turned her face away.

Fu Sinian looked back with a dark expression.

Liu Yiming’s phone screen was lit. He swiped at it but didn’t answer.

“Student Liu, silent phones are the most basic rule on such an occasion,” Fu Sinian said slowly.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to mute it. However, please watch the show in a civilized way, Mr. Fu.” Liu Yiming pointed at the promotional image on the wall.

One of them was a comic strip. It even said: Civilized viewing only. Intimacy is forbidden.

Fu Sinian looked in the direction Liu Yiming was pointing and chuckled again.

Shi Qian’s scalp tingled as she listened to his laughter!

“I’m sorry, Student Liu. Qian Qian is afraid of the dark. Besides, I’m not a civilized person,” Fu Sinian replied casually.

Liu Yiming choked, but there was nothing he could say to refute.

Fu Sinian wasn’t sure if Liu Yiming had seen him kiss Shi Qian, but Liu Yiming’s phone definitely rang on purpose.

They stared at each other for a few seconds.

Shi Qian felt the atmosphere become more and more stale. She did not know why there was suddenly a hint of hostility between the two men!

The lights on the stage suddenly lit up. Shi Qian held Fu Sinian’s face and forced his head forward.

“Young Master Fu, the shadow drama has begun!”

Fu Sinian took the opportunity to hold her hand and look at the stage calmly.

Shi Qian’s hand was in his. Her palms were sweaty with nervousness. The feeling of him kissing her had not gone away. There was a tingling under her skin.

She was a little angry. Fu Sinian’s actions just now were really… not gentlemanly!

On the surface, he looked well-dressed, but he was actually a beast in disguise!

Fu Sinian received a little sweetness, and her soft little hand was still in his. He was in an extremely good mood.

As for what was happening on the stage, he didn’t care at all. He was busy.

Shi Qian broke down.

Fu Sinian’s fingers brushed across her palm, making her shiver. He rubbed the joint of her index finger and interlocked his fingers with hers…

She didn’t know what happened in the entire shadow drama.

Liu Yiming was not in the mood to watch the shadow drama. His gaze fell on Shi Qian and Fu Sinian from time to time.

Fu Sinian didn’t go overboard with Shi Qian, but it was still obvious that Fu Sinian was still holding Shi Qian’s hand.

He was a man. He could see that Fu Sinian’s desire for Shi Qian was written on his face without hiding it at all!

But Shi Qian called Fu Sinian Uncle?

Fu Sinian actually had such dirty thoughts about Shi Qian. Was he even humane?