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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 292 - 292 Come and See, Big Boss Fu Is Worthless!

292 Come and See, Big Boss Fu Is Worthless!

Shi Qian felt her scalp tingle.

How was she going to introduce Fu Sinian?

Last time, she casually told Liu Yiming that Fu Sinian was her uncle.


She had never expected them to meet again!

Indeed, one could not lie! A lie had to be covered by ten lies!

“Senior, this is my… uncle. His surname is Fu.” Shi Qian’s voice was much softer.

Uncle… Uncle?! Chen Song’s eyes widened.

Wait, the relationship was a little messy. He had to sort it out!

Compared to Jiang Feng, he was much calmer.

Her uncle sounded better than her ex-husband, right?

“Hello, Uncle Fu.” Liu Yiming greeted him solemnly again.

Fu Sinian was furious at the tone.

Did this Student Liu really think he was here to see her parents!

“Sit.” Fu Sinian raised his hand in acknowledgment.

Chen Song immediately went forward and moved the chair beside Fu Sinian. “Miss… Shi, please sit.”

When Shi Qian heard that word, her heart was about to jump out of her throat. Fortunately, Chen Song changed his words in time!

Fu Sinian hadn’t told Chen Song that they were about to get a divorce?

Their marriage had always been a secret marriage, and they were about to get a divorce. If they went public again, wouldn’t they cause unnecessary trouble?

Shi Qian sat down in a panic.

“Student Liu, please sit.” Chen Song pulled the back seat and gestured for Liu Yiming to sit there.

Liu Yiming walked over and happened to be behind Shi Qian and Fu Sinian.

He couldn’t help but look at Fu Sinian a few more times.

His unrestrained youth felt inferior in front of Fu Sinian’s calm and restrained noble aura.

He couldn’t help but wonder what Shi Qian’s relationship with Mr. Fu was.

Shi Qian looked towards the stage, wishing the shadow play had started earlier because the room was so silent. Not only was there no sound, but the atmosphere was suffocating.

Fu Sinian pushed the plate of candied hawthorn in front of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian heard movement and turned to glance at him.

Fu Sinian picked up a hawthorn candied hawthorn stuck in a toothpick and handed it to Shi Qian. “It’s your favorite.”

“Thank you.” Shi Qian took it and stuffed it into her mouth. She took a bite and her face changed. “It’s so sour!” she said in a muffled voice.

Fu Sinian pulled out a tissue and held out his hand to Shi Qian. “It didn’t taste good, so I threw up.”

Shi Qian thought about it and spat it into his hand.

Chen Song quickly handed him the trash can.

He was shouting crazily in her heart. Oh my god! Come and see! Look at President Fu’s worthless appearance!

Fu Sinian handed Shi Qian a glass of water. Shi Qian took it and took a sip. She was about to look for the trash can when Fu Sinian brought it to her.

Shi Qian did not expect him to know that she was going to spit out the water in her mouth and even help her carry the trash can!

There was an indescribable ambiguity in their actions.

Fu Sinian’s love for Shi Qian was obvious, and his actions were not stiff at all. They were natural, as if they were often like this.

Liu Yiming’s heart ached when he saw this scene.

“I finally see what you don’t eat.” Fu Sinian had a rare expression on his face. He took another tissue and wiped the corner of Shi Qian’s mouth.

Shi Qian quickly took the tissue and retorted, “It’s not that I don’t want to eat it. It’s just that my teeth hurt a little these past few days.”

“Toothache? Why didn’t you tell me? I’ll take you to the hospital later.” Fu Sinian’s tone was clearly filled with worry.

Everyone sighed. “President Fu, it’s just a toothache. Aren’t you being too concerned? Besides, it’s so late. How can there be a dentist at work!”