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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 291 - 291 Aren't You Introducing Me?

291 Aren’t You Introducing Me?

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure walking in her direction.

Chen Song? Why was he here?

Shi Qian quickly turned around, not wanting Chen Song to see her.


Chen Song walked straight in Shi Qian’s direction. He realized that Shi Qian was clearly avoiding him.

The atmosphere was really a little off!

“Miss Shi,” he called.

Shi Qian heard the call and looked helpless. Chen Song still saw her!

She could only turn around and look at Chen Song. “Chen Song? It’s you? Why are you here?”

“I’m accompanying President Fu for an inspection.”

“Young Master Fu is here too?” Shi Qian quickly looked around, but she didn’t see Fu Sinian.

“President Fu is in the film theater now. He specially asked me to invite you and this gentleman in.” Chen Song explained his purpose.

“Huh? We… we’ve seen too many people and want to shop elsewhere first. We’ll come to the next round,” Shi Qian stammered.

“President Fu is in the guest room. There’s no one around,” Chen Song quickly replied.

Shi Qian looked troubled. She really didn’t want Fu Sinian and Liu Yiming to meet.

Some time ago, she had told Fu Sinian that she and Liu Yiming were dating because she was afraid of being exposed. How awkward would that be!

“Young Master Fu is still waiting for you!” Chen Song bent down and made an inviting gesture. This action attracted the attention of others.

Many people looked in this direction.

Chen Song had deliberately caused such a huge commotion. He was afraid that if Shi Qian really did not go in, his mission would not be completed!

He knew very well what promotion and salary increase he would received!

Everyone looked in this direction.

Many people sized up Shi Qian.

“Why do I feel that this girl looks familiar?”

“Tsk! You think all the beautiful girls look familiar.”

“No, look, does she look like that Internet celebrity, Shi Qian?”

Shi Qian was about to be recognized when she saw that. She quickly said to Liu Yiming, “Let’s go in. It’s indeed a little late for the next round.”

Liu Yiming nodded and followed Shi Qian in.

Chen Song immediately ran forward to lead the way.

When she arrived at the guest room, Shi Qian immediately saw Fu Sinian sitting in the middle.

His face was cold and fair, but his facial features were as deep as ink. He looked even more noble from head to toe. Even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, his figure was tall and straight, and his aura overwhelmed everyone.

His every move seemed to have been measured by a ruler. For example, his standing posture and sitting posture were always so straight. Even people who were in good physical shape might feel inferior in front of Fu Sinian.

It was not that he was shining everywhere, but wherever he was, all the light in the world would surge towards him.

Fu Sinian’s gaze fell lightly on Shi Qian.

What a couple outfit!

She didn’t ask Jin An to take her to the hospital because she had a boyfriend to accompany her?

Such a meeting suddenly gave him an illusion.

It was as if the little lovers were preparing to meet her parents publicly!

The little lovers were naturally Shi Qian and the boy in front of her.

As for the parents…

“Qian Qian, we met at the school gate last time and were in a hurry. Aren’t you going to introduce me officially today?” Fu Sinian said slowly.

Shi Qian stepped aside and introduced him to Fu Sinian. “Young Master Fu, this is my senior. His name is Liu Yiming.”

“Hello, Student Liu,” Fu Sinian greeted.

“Hello,” Liu Yiming replied quickly, he said respectfully as if he was talking to an elder.

He remembered this man.

Shi Qian’s uncle.

But he didn’t look like her biological uncle.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to Student Liu?” Fu Sinian asked Shi Qian.