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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 290 - 290 Mrs. Fu Became Miss Shi

290 Mrs. Fu Became Miss Shi

The crowd came and went. Only the two figures were still.

Fu Sinian’s eyes stared darkly in that direction.

Chen Song was dumbfounded. He quickly nudged Jiang Feng with his elbow and looked at him questioningly.


Wasn’t that person not far away Madam? Who was the man who was so close to Madam?

Could President Fu be here to catch…

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Chen Song. What was he doing? There were so many people. How could he tell Chen Song what was going on!

More than ten people in charge of the street came and followed Fu Sinian. At this moment, they also felt that something was wrong, but no one knew what had happened and dared not make a sound.

… .

Shi Qian and Liu Yiming looked at each other for a few seconds. Suddenly, she realized that their actions were too intimate. She quickly took a step back and left Liu Yiming’s arms.

Liu Yiming suddenly felt empty.

In those few seconds of eye contact, he admitted that he had fallen for her!

He really liked Shi Qian.

This feeling had never been clearer.

From the moment he saw Shi Qian, he remembered this girl. Whether in the dining hall, the library, or anywhere else in school, as long as he saw Shi Qian, his gaze would always follow her.

He had never disturbed her life. He just watched her silently.

He was about to graduate. This feeling was suddenly like boiling wine. He couldn’t help but want to approach her.

“Senior, the shadow play is about to start. Shall we go over now?” Shi Qian pointed not far away.

“Okay.” Liu Yiming nodded.

… .

The entire street was clearly extremely noisy, but the person standing beside Fu Sinian felt as if the world had been muted.

“President Fu, it’s rare for you to have time to come to our commercial street today. Do you want to take a look at Fei Yi’s shadow drama?” The person in charge of Cultural Street asked tentatively.

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded.

The group immediately arrived at the Leather Shadow Theatre through the staff passageway.

The theater had a special guest room that was separated from the audience outside. Fu Sinian sat in the middle.

The round table beside him was already filled with various delicacies.

“President Fu, this shadow play will start in fifteen minutes. I specially got someone to prepare some special snacks. Try them.”

Fu Sinian nodded in response. Suddenly, his gaze froze on a snack. On a plate with ice under it were a few candied hawthorns. They were no worse than Rong Qi’s.

“Chen Song, go out and invite Miss Shi and her companions in,” Fu Sinian instructed softly.

“Yes.” Chen Song immediately left.

She was still trying to figure out how to address him.

Miss Shi? Wasn’t she Mrs. Fu? Why had she suddenly become Miss Shi again?

What was going on with what he had just seen?

He felt like his brain cells were running low.

Shi Qian and Liu Yiming were still in line. There was a long line ahead.

“Why are there so many people today? We’re a little late. I wonder if we’ll be in line for this round.” Shi Qian was a little worried.

“If we can’t make it in this round, can we wait for the next round? Will it be too late? Will your family be worried?” Liu Yiming asked softly.

“Let’s see how it goes later. Maybe we can line up. We’ll see if we don’t make it.” Shi Qian stood on tiptoe and looked ahead.