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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 288 - 288 Cuckolded At The Door

288 Cuckolded At The Door

The old master almost laughed out loud.

Fu Sinian didn’t look like a child who had come to complain to an adult for help after being bullied outside!

“Who is Qian Qian with?” The old master pretended not to know anything and asked.


“A male classmate.” The words were almost ground out of Fu Sinian’s teeth.

“A male classmate? What do you think of this male classmate? Did the two of them go on a date? Is Qian Qian going to have a boyfriend?” The old master sounded extremely happy.

Fu Sinian choked and gripped his phone tightly.

“Sinian, you’re a little older than Qian Qian. Besides, you promised me before that you would take care of Qian Qian. If Qian Qian really has a boyfriend, you have to help her. You can’t let a random boy coax our Qian Qian into his hands,” the old master instructed earnestly.

Fu Sinian hung up.

The old master looked at his phone. “With that attitude and you want me to help you? No way.”

“Old Master, Young Master Fu is already in such a state. If you don’t help him, are you really going to watch Young Madam divorce Young Master Fu and fall into the arms of others?”

“Why didn’t he do it himself? Why didn’t he do it himself at this time? Does he still want a wife? Does he think pies fall from the sky every time? He doesn’t even know how envious Rong Qi is of him! If you don’t believe me, ask Rong Qi. If it were him, would he be willing to get a divorce? Only Fu Sinian is blind!” The old master became angrier and angrier.

“Old Master, don’t be angry. Young Master Fu might not be far from Young Madam now. We have to believe Young Master Fu. When has he disappointed you?”

“Hmph! I never had much hope for him when it came to relationships.”

… .

Fu Sinian called because he wanted the old master to urge Shi Qian to go back early.

Unexpectedly, this old master…

Fu Sinian’s breathing deepened.

“Old Master, you really have double standards,” Jiang Feng said fearlessly.

“Previously, the old master even stipulated that you had to go home by ten-thirty. No matter how important the company’s meeting was, you would end your work and arrive home on time. When it came to Young Madam, the old master was more than a little biased. I think even if Young Madam doesn’t go back today, the old master won’t care.”

Fu Sinian’s gaze fell coldly on Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng’s words were like a knife stabbing into his heart.

“If there’s not enough lemon juice, you can add a little more.”

“Enough, enough!” Jiang Feng quickly waved his hand.

He didn’t want to test him when he was on the edge of danger.

After a while, Jiang Feng looked at the untouched food on Fu Sinian’s plate and asked softly, “Young Master Fu, are you still eating?”

Fu Sinian shot him another cold look.

“Then where are we going later? Are we going back to the company or taking you home?” Jiang Feng asked again. They couldn’t sit in the restaurant all the time, right? Anyway, with Young Master Fu’s personality, it was impossible for him to go to the street!

Fu Sinian picked up his phone and dialed Chen Song’s number.

“President Fu!” Chen Song answered almost instantly.

“Check if the company invested in any projects in Cultural Street.”

“Okay, I’ll check immediately.” There was the sound of keyboards on Chen Song’s end, but he was puzzled.

Why did President Fu have to ask about such a small matter personally?

“President Fu, I’ve found out that it’s not a normal investment. In the early stages of the establishment of Cultural Street, the relevant departments wanted to introduce non-remnant projects. However, there was a lack of funds at that time. You started a funding plan. The entire Cultural Street actually relied on your support to be successfully launched. Now, it’s getting more and more popular. The profits have already exceeded 100 million.”

The reason why Chen Song said that it was not a normal investment was because President Fu was only paying to support it. The profits were owned by the commercial street and all the merchants. However, the property rights of this street were in Fu Sinian’s hands.