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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 285 - 285 My Wife Went on a Date with Someone Else

285 My Wife Went on a Date with Someone Else

The doctor explained a lot to Shi Qian. When Shi Qian walked out of the hospital, it was almost dark.

She didn’t call Jin An to pick her up. She suddenly wanted to walk alone.

After her mother was discharged from the hospital, she had two plans. One was to rent a house in the capital, and the other was to send her mother to Dr. Bai’s sanatorium in Cloud City.


The environment of the sanatorium was definitely more suitable for her mother to recuperate, but she couldn’t stay by her mother’s side.

It shouldn’t be a problem for them to rent a house in the capital and live strictly according to the doctor’s requirements.

As Shi Qian was lost in thought, her shoulder sank and she was patted.

She looked back, saw no one, and looked in the other direction.

Liu Yiming appeared beside her.

“Senior? Why are you here?” Shi Qian was surprised.

“I sprained my hand playing basketball. I came to change my dressing.” Liu Yiming raised his wrist.

Shi Qian realized that his wrist was wrapped in a thick layer of gauze. “Is your hand okay?”

“I’m fine. It’s just a sprain. What about you? Why are you at the hospital?”

“My mother is sick and hospitalized here.”

“Is Auntie okay?”

“It’s fine. She can be discharged in a few days.”

“Have you eaten? Let’s have a meal together?” Liu Yiming invited her.

“I haven’t eaten yet. You can decide what to eat. My treat.” Shi Qian thought that she could take this opportunity to thank Liu Yiming.

If Liu Yiming hadn’t given her the video last time, she wouldn’t have been able to clear her name.

“There’s a cultural street ahead. Let’s go take a look. I heard it’s lively. I’ve never been there.” Liu Yiming said a place.

“Senior, you’ve been to the capital for four years and haven’t been to that cultural street?”

“Yes, you’ve been there?”

“I’ve been there several times with my roommate. Not only is there a lot of good food and fun, but there are also a lot of non-legacy projects. There’s a shadow theater. Not only is it good, but it’s free.”

“After dinner, I want to walk around and see the shadow play you mentioned. It’s quite awkward being alone. Do you have time to come with me?”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded. “Let’s walk to the front and get a taxi.”

“No, I have a car.”

Shi Qian froze.

Liu Yiming strode forward, unlocked a bicycle parked beside him, and patted the backseat.

“There’s a queue for a taxi. We can take the small road by bike. I just checked the GPS. It’s not far. It’s only ten minutes.”

“Didn’t you hurt your hand? Will you hurt yourself again riding a bike?”

“It’s okay. I just came by bike.”

“But there’s me now.” Shi Qian was still worried.

“Don’t worry, trust my riding skills.” Liu Yiming smiled at Shi Qian and straddled the bike seat.

Shi Qian felt that Liu Yiming was like an idol in a drama.

Liu Yiming was not as cold as the rumors in school said?

Liu Yiming’s height was announced on the Chinese Drama Academy’s official website as 1.83 meters.

He had standard long legs and a particularly good figure.

Today, he was wearing loose slacks and a loose white T-shirt. He carried a diagonal bag and a pair of earpieces around his neck. He looked very young. A wisp of hair on his forehead showed his youth.

Shi Qian was wearing white wide-legged pants and a tight T-shirt. She was wearing a small cardigan and a small backpack.

She didn’t even realize that her outfit today matched Liu Yiming’s.

“Senior, I’m sitting here.” Shi Qian sat in the backseat.