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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 284 - 284 Big Boss Fu's Other Companion

284 Big Boss Fu’s Other Companion

After showering, Shi Qian wiped her hair and picked up her phone.

There was a message prompt on his phone.

[Financier]: Are you asleep?


[Beached Whale]: I just took a shower. I usually sleep before ten-thirty.

[Financier]: Then we can talk for another half an hour.

[Beached Whale]: Are you suffering from sleep disorders? Or is there a reason? Have you tried other treatments? It’s best to go to the hospital for a checkup to avoid delaying your condition.

[Financier]: Thank you for your concern. I’ve seen a doctor.

[Beached Whale]: That’s good.

Fu Sinian looked at Shi Qian’s answer. He knew there was nothing more to talk about, but he still sent some irrelevant words.

Today, her mother was in surgery. She must not be as calm as she looked.

This could be considered companionship.

At ten-thirty, he ended the conversation on time.

[Financier]: Good night.

[Beached Whale]: Good night, sweet dreams.

Shi Qian put down her phone and heaved a sigh of relief. This awkward conversation was finally over.

This person was not as difficult as she had expected, let alone overly demanding. She thought it was good that her voice could heal him.

The next day, Shi Qian got up and called the hospital. Her mother woke up late at night. Everything was normal now. She had half an hour of visiting time today.

She prepared to go over in the afternoon.

In the morning, she went to the recording studio.

When she arrived downstairs, she saw that Jiang Feng was also there.

He was also carrying a box of things that looked like Fu Sinian’s.

“Young Madam.” Jiang Feng walked forward and greeted her. “I’m here to get something for Young Master Fu.”

“He didn’t come back last night?”

Jiang Feng was a little surprised. “Young Madam, Young Master Fu moved back to his residence last night.”

“Oh,” Shi Qian replied.

“Young Madam, I’ll leave first.”

“Okay, okay.”

Jiang Feng left with Fu Sinian’s things.

Shi Qian took a long time to come back to her senses.

Had Fu Sinian moved out last night?

This was clearly his home. Actually, she should be the one moving out.

After a busy morning, Shi Qian found a place to eat and took a taxi to the hospital.

Led by a nurse, she changed into sterile clothes and came to the ICU ward to visit.

Shi Qiuran had already woken up and looked fine.

“Mom, the doctor said the surgery was a huge success. How do you feel now?”

“I feel good.” Shi Qiuran smiled and comforted her. “Mom is fine. Don’t worry.”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded. “Mom, come on!”

“Best of luck!” Shi Qiuran clenched her fists.

After talking to her mother for a while, Shi Qian left the ward and went to the doctor’s office.

The nurse had just told her that the doctor wanted to talk to her.

She raised her hand and knocked on the door.

“Are you a family member of Shi Qiuran?” a young-looking doctor asked, turning around.


“Sit here,” the doctor said, and walked to Shi Qian with a stack of documents.

“Now that the patient has successfully completed the surgery, I want to talk to you about caring for her after the surgery. You should know that being a caregiver after this surgery is very important. Responses to rejection and infection are always possible with the patient. In addition to taking medicine, the patient’s living environment and mood are also relatively important.”

“I understand.” Shi Qian nodded.

“After the patient is discharged from the hospital, we suggest that you prepare a room for the patient alone. It also should be disinfected every day. In the environment where they live, there can’t be too many people, let alone having the sick come into contact with the patient. You have to be prepared in advance.”

“Okay,” Shi Qian replied softly.