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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 283 - 283 Every punctuation mark costs money

283 Every punctuation mark costs money

[Beached Whale]: I’m sorry, but I don’t provide chat services.

[Financier]: Then I’ll reconsider raising the price just now.

Shi Qian was speechless.


[Beached Whale]: Didn’t you say that the audio I recorded was very good for your treatment? Aren’t you afraid that I won’t record it anymore if you go back on your word like this?

Fu Sinian looked at his phone and smiled.

How dare she threaten him!

[Financier]: Are you sure you’re not recording anymore?

Shi Qian looked at the reply on her phone and choked.

[Financier]: It’s a normal chat, not the kind of chat you think.

The other party seemed to be able to guess her thoughts.

Shi Qian felt that she was being manipulated by this stranger. She looked at her phone and did not know how to answer for a moment.

[Financier]: I can pay.

[Beached Whale]: How much?

Fu Sinian couldn’t help but smile again. Was she into money?

At the mention of money, she replied quickly.

Rong Qi held his glass and looked at Fu Sinian angrily. The glass was about to reach his mouth when he put it down. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Young Master Fu, you were the one who called me out for a drink. Yet, you’re holding your phone and smiling brightly. Have you considered my feelings?”

Fu Sinian ignored him and continued to reply.

[Financier]: Can I still pay according to the audio price?

Shi Qian saw the question and replied. There were three big question marks above the head of a dazed kitten.

Did such people have no concept of money?

[Beached Whale]: A thousand yuan for ten minutes?

[Financier]: Yes.

[Beached Whale]: I have a question. Are you an adult?

Could it be a brat? He would ask her for a refund when the time came!

[Financier]: I’m twenty-eight.

[Beached Whale]: This price is not appropriate. I am earning it with a guilty conscience. Besides, I’m not free to reply to your messages at all times.

[Financier]: A thousand yuan a day. Reply to me when you see my message. If you have time, chat with me for a while. Is that okay?

[Beached Whale]: Yes, but the total time cannot exceed an hour.

[Financier]: Okay.

As soon as she received the message, she received a thousand yuan.

The other party was really straightforward about paying. It seemed that he was really not short of money.

Shi Qian waited for the other party’s message. Five minutes passed, but there was no movement on her phone.

She put down her phone and went to take a shower first.

… .

Fu Sinian was about to send a message to Shi Qian when a girl in a skimpily dressed dress suddenly surged into the private room. The originally lifeless atmosphere suddenly became lively.

Fu Sinian glanced coldly at Rong Qi.

Rong Qi looked back at him fearlessly. “Young Master Fu, the most important thing to do when you’re out to play is to be happy. It’s only fun when there are more people. This is a bar, not a nursing home!”

Fu Sinian dialed Jiang Feng’s number. “Come up and pick me up.”

Rong Qi’s face stiffened. “What do you mean?”

“Have fun. I’ll pay the fee.” With that, Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and left the private room.

Rong Qi looked at Fu Sinian’s back and stomped his feet in anger.

He clearly looked like he had fallen out of love when he looked for him. Now, he looked like he found spring again!

Could Fu Sinian have been replying to Qian Qian’s message just now?

It was a classic case of having the opposite sex but no humanity!

He had someone of the opposite sex?

This word suddenly made Rong Qi sad, and he felt strongly hurt!

Even Fu Sinian had his other half! He was still single!

No one wanted him. His grandfather was very responsible for this! The next time he burned paper for his old master, he had to complain!