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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 282 - 282 99% IQ, 1% EQ

282 99% IQ, 1% EQ

This marriage was not up to him at first. Even ending it was not up to him.

This was probably the only time in his life that he had lost control.

When Shi Qian returned to her room, she turned on the recording frequency of the equipment. She did not want to be idle. When she was busy, she would not let her imagination run wild.


Suddenly, her phone rang. She saw that it was Fu Sinian.

She quickly answered.

“Young Master Fu, what’s the matter?”

“Something suddenly came up at the office. I’m going back to the office. Come to my room. I have something on my desk. I’ll keep it for now. You can look for me anytime.”

“Oh,” Shi Qian replied a little as she headed downstairs.

She pushed open the door to Fu Sinian’s room. The room was empty. All the items on the desk had been packed, except for a folder.

She opened it and saw the divorce agreement. It was signed by her and Fu Sinian.

She couldn’t help but look at Fu Sinian’s signature.

His signature was not even completely dry yet. Could it be that he had just signed this divorce agreement?

Just as Shi Qian was in a daze, the old master knocked on the door.

Shi Qian quickly placed the divorce agreement in the folder.

The old master had already expected what it was.

“Qian Qian, it’s time to eat,” the old master called.

“Okay, Grandpa. I’ll put this upstairs first. I’ll be right down.”

The old master looked at Shi Qian’s back and sighed.

Jin An came to the old master’s side and shook his head helplessly. “Old Master, is that a divorce agreement?”


“Young Master Fu gave up so quickly?” Jin An looked disappointed.

“It seems that the heavens are fair. Ninety-nine percent IQ and one percent EQ! I knew that would be the outcome.”

“Old Master, do you regret not helping Young Master Fu?”

“What do I have to regret? Is he getting a wife or am I getting a wife?” the old master retorted angrily.

“But Young Master Fu gave up too easily!” Jin An felt sorry.

… .

At ten o’clock at night, in the private room of the Star Duke Club.

“Young Master Fu, it’s rare for you to come out for a drink. It’s so boring with just the two of us. Why don’t you call a few people to warm up the place? Don’t misunderstand. They’re all just to make the place lively. I know you have a family now and won’t lead you astray.”

Before Fu Sinian could answer, his phone rang.

Rong Qi wanted to lean over and take a look. Fu Sinian immediately turned his phone off and gave him a cold look.

“It’s a trade secret? Why are you so vigilant!” Rong Qi took a few steps back and sat on the sofa opposite.

Fu Sinian turned on his phone.

Shi Qian sent many audio messages.

She was so tired today, but she had been recording without rest?

Fu Sinian was a little angry!

Was this woman stupid?

On that divorce agreement, as long as she waved her pen, she would not have to worry for the rest of her life! However, she insisted on working so hard to earn money!

Shi Qian was about to take a shower when her phone rang.

This was a special notification she had specially set up for her financier.

She also made a simple note of this financier without a nickname: financier.

[Financier]: The price of the audio clips will be the original price. A thousand yuan per clip.

Shi Qian looked confused.

Why did he suddenly raise the price?

[Financier]: Your audio has a good effect on me, so I raised the price.

Shi Qian didn’t know what to reply. She simply sent an emoji: Thank you, Boss.

[Financier]: Do you have time to chat with me?

Shi Qian froze again.

Could this person be a pervert?