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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 279 - 279 Shi Qian Was Crying in His Arms

279 Shi Qian Was Crying in His Arms

“I didn’t mean to. I just saw it by accident,” Lin Qinghe quickly explained. “Brother Song Yan, I really don’t care. I don’t care that your heart is filled with my sister. I like you so much. I just want to help you. As you can see, my father is only willing to take out the money because he wants us to get married.”

“Now that I’m pregnant with your child, you can make a symbolic engagement to me. My father will take out the money to help you continue your research. If you really don’t like this child, at most, I’ll abort it when the time comes. As long as it helps you, I’ll be fine.”

Song Yan took a deep breath and closed his eyes.


His eyes were filled with pain and helplessness.

“Lin Qinghe, why are you degrading yourself like this?”

“Brother Song Yan, I like you from the moment I saw you. I know you’re blaming Mom and me for deliberately hiding Sister’s news. I don’t know how I can get your forgiveness. I did something wrong and I want to make it up to you. Other than getting the money for your research as soon as possible, there’s nothing else I can do to help you. I volunteered for all of this.”

“Lin Qinghe, I only treat you like a sister. There’s no place in my heart anymore. Other than marriage and love, I can give you anything I can.”

“Brother Song Yan, don’t say this. I understand.” Lin Qinghe shook her head, her eyes filled with tears. She looked sincere and not fake at all.

Song Yan was inevitably moved. “I’m sorry,” he apologized softly.

They turned back into the house.

Lin Qinghe secretly clenched her fists.

Except marriage and love?

Those were the two things she wanted!

Including Song Yan! Even if she couldn’t get his heart, she had to get his body!

Shi Qian, the man you like is going to be mine!

… .

Shi Qian woke up before six the next morning.

It had only been a few minutes since she went downstairs when Fu Sinian got up.

Shi Qian looked at the time. It was still early.

There shouldn’t be any traffic at this hour. It was a little early to go there.

Besides, breakfast wasn’t ready yet.

“Since you’re awake, let’s go to the hospital now?” Fu Sinian suddenly asked.

“Now?” Shi Qian was surprised.

“Yes. Do you want to wait a little longer?”

“No, let’s not wait anymore. Let’s go over now.” Shi Qian immediately walked forward and pushed Fu Sinian out.

When Shi Qian and Fu Sinian arrived at the ward, there were already nurses doing morning tests.

“Qian Qian, Sinian, why are you here so early?”

“Mom, don’t you want me to stay with you?” Shi Qian asked aggrievedly.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t come!” Shi Qiuran teased. She raised her hand and pinched the tip of Shi Qian’s nose.

Shi Qian hugged her mother. “Mom, don’t be afraid! Best of luck!”

A smile appeared in Fu Sinian’s eyes.

She was clearly more nervous than anyone else.

He reached out and pulled Shi Qian to his side. “Mom has a needle on her body. Don’t touch it. Otherwise, she’ll have to be pricked again later.”

“I’ll pay attention,” Shi Qian retorted.

Fu Sinian still held her hand tightly to stop her from leaning forward again.

Shi Qian thought that the surgery would be at eight o’clock and she would leave the ward at eight. She did not expect the nurse to pick her up around seven-thirty.

Shi Qian and Fu Sinian sent Shi Qiuran all the way to the operating theater.

The door to the operating theater slowly closed.

Shi Qian’s heart tightened. She could not help but run towards the door of the operating theater.

Fu Sinian rose from the wheelchair and pulled her back from the door.

Shi Qian felt a lump in her throat and tears filled her eyes. She sniffed, not wanting to cry.

Fu Sinian stroked the back of her head and pressed her into his arms.

Shi Qian, who had been tense, suddenly couldn’t control her emotions. She buried herself in his arms and sobbed softly.