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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 278 - 278 You Still Can't Let Go of Shi Qian!

278 You Still Can’t Let Go of Shi Qian!

Lin Qinghe’s words finally attracted Song Yan’s reaction.

Song Yan looked up at Lin Qinghe.

Madam Song sized up the two of them and suddenly held Lin Qinghe’s hand. “Qinghe? Are you pregnant?”


“Huh? No, right? Brother Song Yan and I, we… won’t, we won’t.” Lin Qinghe shook her head repeatedly, but her eyes were already filled with smiles.

“Why not? You’re young and inexperienced. If you do, there are many things to pay attention to! Have you tested it?”

“No.” Lin Qinghe shook her head shyly.

Madam Song immediately stood up and sent the Lin family’s nanny to buy some test strips.

Song Yan looked at Lin Qinghe suspiciously. It had been more than a month since he slept with her. He asked Lin Qinghe to buy contraceptive pills. Didn’t Lin Qinghe buy them?

He secretly clenched his hands. Some things were like this. Once you made a mistake, you would keep making mistakes.

“Old Song, I think the two children’s matter is more important. Let’s talk about the two children’s marriage first,” Lin Shiming said.

He liked Song Yan. He was young, promising, and had a bright future.

Although his relationship with Su Youwei had changed, he really doted on his daughter. Since his daughter liked him, he naturally had to think of a way to make her achieve her wish.

“Old Lin, I couldn’t ask for more! I’ve already decided on the date with Song Yan’s mother.”

“Which day?” Lin Shiming asked quickly.

“Uncle!” Song Yan suddenly said. “I want to get engaged first. Our research hasn’t succeeded yet. I’m going overseas in a few days. It’s too rushed to get married now.”

“You’re going overseas?” Lin Qinghe’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“Yes, there have been some breakthroughs in our research. I have to go back.” Song Yan nodded.

“A man still has to prioritize his career. He can’t delay it,” Lin Shiming said slowly.

Lin Qinghe gripped her clothes tightly, her heart filled with anger.

She was already pregnant. Let’s see how everyone reacted when they found out about this.

She was pregnant so would they refuse the marriage?

After a while, the nanny returned with the test strips. Madam Song and Lin Qinghe left the dining room.

Ten minutes later, they returned to the dining room. Madam Song looked excited.

“Old Song, Qinghe is pregnant. We’re going to be grandparents! We’re going to have a grandson!”

Song Yan looked at Lin Qinghe in disbelief. Lin Qinghe avoided his gaze.

“I have something to tell you.” Song Yan stood up and walked out.

Lin Qinghe followed. Coincidentally, she also had something to ask Song Yan.

“Why didn’t you take your medicine? Why did you keep this child?” Song Yan questioned coldly.

“Brother Song Yan, I really took medicine. I don’t know what happened, but I’m still pregnant!” Lin Qinghe reached out to pull Song Yan’s hand.

Song Yan shook it off with a disgusted expression.

Lin Qinghe’s tears immediately fell. “Brother Song Yan, I know you like Sister. When you were with me that day, you treated me as sister. However, Sister is already married. She married a great husband. How can she still want you?”

Song Yan’s heart ached!

“Brother Song Yan, you’re not suddenly going overseas for your research, right? You’re thinking of a way to get medicine for Sister.”

“How do you know? Have you read my research?”

Lin Qinghe had already received the answer.

It was as she had thought!