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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 277 - 277 Qian Qian, Don't Be Afraid, I'm Here

277 Qian Qian, Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Here

Shi Qian wanted to pull her hand back, but he secretly increased his strength.

She stopped moving and let him hold her.

At this moment, she did need someone to give her some strength.


“What did the doctor just say? My mind is in a mess. Why can’t I remember such an important thing at once!” Shi Qian blamed herself. As she spoke, her eyes turned red.

Fu Sinian’s heart ached at the sight of her. He pulled her into his arms.

He patted her back gently. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember those words. He needs them for work. He has to introduce them to you. The chief surgeon is a first-rate doctor in the country. Moreover, the incidence of those accidents during the surgery is extremely low. They’re completely negligible. Don’t scare yourself.”

With Fu Sinian’s comfort, Shi Qian felt much better.

She looked up from Fu Sinian’s arms and said, “Thank you, Young Master Fu.”

Fu Sinian patted her shoulder again. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here tomorrow. I’m with you.”

These words were like a warm current pouring into Shi Qian’s heart, soothing her hesitant and uneasy heart and giving her an endless sense of security.

No one in the world had ever given her such a solid and reassuring feeling except her mother.

She looked up at Fu Sinian and nodded slowly.

She seemed to be starting to change her opinion of Fu Sinian.

She even hoped that he would be by her side tomorrow.

… .

After returning to the Fu family’s old residence, Shi Qian chatted with the old master for a while before going upstairs to rest.

Fu Sinian sat in the living room and had no intention of going to bed yet.

“What are your arrangements for tomorrow?” the old master asked Fu Sinian.

“I’m going to the hospital with Shi Qian,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

“You still know that you have to go to the hospital to accompany Qian Qian tomorrow.” The old master was gratified. His tone was still very tough.

“Don’t be happy too soon. We’re not doing what you think. The divorce is still on the agenda.” Fu Sinian glanced up at the old master.

“You sound like you’re blaming me?”

“Aren’t you backing Shi Qian up now? You’re strongly in favor of our divorce.”

“Fu Sinian, you have to be moral! What were you doing when I tried my best to matchmake you two back then? Now that you’re losing your wife, you still have the cheek to blame me?” The old master waved the walking stick in his hand!

“So what if I agree to Qian Qian divorcing you? Qian Qian doesn’t like people like you. I don’t want to wrong Qian Qian! Besides, I have a granddaughter-in-law now that I have one less granddaughter-in-law. No matter what, I won’t lose out!”

Fu Sinian choked.

It seemed that the old master was really unreliable.

He started the wheelchair and turned back to his room.

Jin An suppressed his laughter. “Old Master, Young Master Fu was asking you for help just now.”

“He asked me for help? Did he? Why don’t I feel anything? Is begging someone like this? Besides, even if he came straight to me, I wouldn’t help him!”

Jin An smiled and shook his head. The two of them were simply too similar in some ways!

… .

Cloud City.

In the Lin family’s villa.

Song Yan’s family came to the Lin family as guests.

Lin Qinghe had just taken a few bites when she lost her appetite. She glanced at Song Yan. Ever since Song Yan arrived at the Lin family, he had not looked at her directly.

Lin Shiming and Mr. Song chatted.

After the Lin Corporation’s listing was blocked, they lost a lot. Fortunately, the foundation they had built over the years was still there. After cutting off some projects, Lin Shiming’s funds increased.

Madam Song looked at Lin Qinghe from time to time. “Qinghe, are you feeling unwell? Why do you look so pale?”

“Auntie, I’ve been a little uncomfortable these past two days. I don’t want to eat much and I’m a little disgusted,” Lin Qinghe replied gently.