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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 276 - 276 Tightly Wrapped

276 Tightly Wrapped

Shi Qian glanced in the direction of the small kitchen and realized that her mother had also seen the scene just now. Her face immediately turned red and she glared at Fu Sinian.

Shi Qiuran walked over with three glasses of jasmine and placed them on the table.

“Have some tea.”


“Mom, stop busying yourself. Sit down and rest for a while.” Shi Qian pulled Shi Qiuran to the sofa. “Mom, you said there’s something going on at the hospital. What is it?”

“Today, the attending doctor said that my body is almost healed and I can arrange for my surgery.”

“That’s great! Did the doctor set a time?” Shi Qian was excited and gripped her mother’s hand tightly. As long as her mother underwent surgery, she would recover!

“The doctor said that we should discuss setting a time.”

“The sooner the better, of course! What do you think, Mom?”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Tomorrow, then,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Shi Qian and Shi Qiuran both looked in his direction.

“I’m free tomorrow and can accompany Qian Qian in the hospital,” Fu Sinian added.

Shi Qiuran nodded. “The doctor also said that it’s best to arrange it tomorrow.”

“Mom, is tomorrow too rushed? What about the day after?” Shi Qian asked softly.

“The doctor said they have a meeting the day after tomorrow. If they don’t have surgery tomorrow, it’ll be delayed until next Tuesday.”

Shi Qian hesitated.

If her mother had surgery tomorrow, how would she and Fu Sinian go through the divorce procedures?

“Qian Qian, are you busy tomorrow?” Shi Qiuran asked Shi Qian.

“No, I’m free. Tomorrow then.” Shi Qian was finally sure.

A quick smile flashed in Fu Sinian’s eyes.

“Then I’ll call the doctor. There are some procedures to take care of.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

Shi Qiuran called the doctor. Soon, the doctor arrived at the ward with a stack of documents for the surgery.

Shi Qian listened to the doctor’s surgical introduction and signed them one by one.

After signing the last one, she was still tense.

“Mrs. Fu, Madam Shi’s surgery is scheduled for eight tomorrow morning. You can be at the hospital around seven. There’s nothing else. I’ll get busy first.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Shi Qian walked the doctor out of the ward.

She turned around and sat beside Shi Qiuran, holding her hand tightly.

“Mom, don’t be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous. Instead, I’m looking forward to it. If we finish the surgery early, we won’t have to stay in the hospital.” Shi Qiuran patted Shi Qian’s hand.

“Go back with Sinian first. It’s getting late.”

“Mom, I’m not going back tonight. I’ll stay here with you so I don’t have to run around tomorrow.”

“This is a hospital. It’s not convenient for you to stay here. I know you want to stay with me. You really don’t have to. Instead, you’re delaying my rest.”

Shi Qian replied helplessly, “Okay, then I’ll come over early tomorrow.”

“Alright, go back quickly,” Shi Qiuran urged.

Shi Qian and Fu Sinian left the ward and went to the carpark.

Jiang Feng was already waiting there.

In the car, Shi Qian sat there without saying a word.

She had just signed the papers for the surgery. After everything the doctor had said to her, her mind was in a daze. At the time, she only knew how to nod. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t remember much.

It was finally over after so long since her mother had been checked for illness.

Suddenly, her hand was held.

Fu Sinian’s broad palm enveloped hers tightly.

“Why are your hands so cold? Is the air conditioner on too low, or are you worried about tomorrow’s surgery?” Fu Sinian’s concerned voice sounded.